Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Inner Circle

Everyone needs an inner circle. You know the kind of people you can turn to anytime you need to blow off steam, cry, ask a simple question, or just gab! My three girlfriends are the best! We met while teaching at a summer camp for teenagers in, 10 years ago! Now, it was TRULY a God thing that I even signed up to work this camp. I do not like camps, in fact I never liked to go to church camps as a preteen/teenager. I always chose to stay at home with my dad and let mom and Eddie go to camp. (Mom always went as a chaperone). Dad and I would enjoy the high life...going out to eat, shopping, etc. This was, btw, the only time I recall my dad going into a mall. With just us at home, he did what I wanted...what a guy!
Ok, back to the story...I also do not like to be away from home, I'm a homebody. For this camp (Centrifuge) I had to go away for 10 weeks. Lucky for me I only had to go about 3 hours from home. Another thing I don't like is dorms, we had to live in one for the entire summer. I don't really like sharing a bathroom, yep...we had to share a bathroom. But it was only with my roommate so I could tolerate it. I do not like 'trust games', we spent the summer doing these kind of games outside with the kids and among the staff. So basically I didn't like most aspects of the summer of 1998 EXCEPT I met the most amazing people ever! The entire staff was fabulous in my opinion and I'm not really sure why they hired me??????????? After that summer these three girls and I stayed in touch and have been best friends ever since. We've never all lived in the same state at the same time. And we're rarely all 4 together at the same time. But, when we are all 4 together, watch out! We will have a blast! Usually we are discussing our life situations, trials, challenges, victories, jobs, families, you know all the typical girl stuff. We've linked each of ourselves with a corresponding SATC girl. I've posted that below.
You already know from my previous post I'm most like I am writing with my laptop for one thing! I also have a shoe fetish, although I've never spent as much as Carrie does. I am often guilty of overspending my limit and maxing out my credit card in a single shopping trip (although I haven't done that in a really long time!)

This is Deb...she is most like Samantha. No, not because of that! But because she is super fun and is always the life of the party! She is a seductress, in fact we didn't spend a lot of time with her in 1998 because she met a guy...uuuummmm I think they were praying a lot, at least that is what they claimed!

This is Amber, she is most like Charlotte. She is wholesome and definitely a super good person. We don't even know why she likes to hang out with the rest of us??? She is the most conservative and traditional of the group.
This is Candace, she is most like Miranda. Of course, she has the red hair going on but she also is confidant and she is a workaholic! She always has about 4 different jobs/volunteer projects going on. She is not as cynical as Miranda's character is, but she is hilarious! She is the only one married in our group.

Easter 2008 Pictures

Finally I took time to scan the Easter pictures we had taken on Good Friday with Maddie and Eddie. How cute are they? Look at the expression of Maddie in the first one with the watering can! She would not smile for anything or anyone! Of course, Eddie was happy as ever! Isn't he the prettiest, eggghhhmmmm I mean handsomest baby boy you've ever seen? He has gorgeous eyes and such a sweet expression all the time. He is going to be a major heartbreaker! Hopefully he'll become more interested in sports than girls until he's about 35!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

32 Days until...

Which Sex and the City Vixen Are You?
I'm most like take the quiz!
Click here to match your man
My match is Harry

Can't wait to watch it with my girlfriends!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

LID 2/25/07
14 month anniversary of LID 4/25/08
(I saw this poem on another blog and thought the words came straight from my heart.)

For my daughter:
Today I said a prayer for you
My daughter of China, daughter of mine
Unknown, unborn and yet already so much of my heart
I dream of our life in flowers and light
and wonder when this life will start?
Who will you be? Who will you become?
A gentle wind or a beating drum?
A dreamer ? A dancer? A funny face maker?
A thinker? A twirler? A pretend cookie baker?
Whoever you are, whoever you'll be
I love you already ; I can't wait to see
Today we are but one day closer to knowing your spirit, to knowing your face
One day closer in this long long chase
Today I said a prayer for you
My daughter of China, daughter of mine
To keep you safe, to hold you close
Until we meet in His perfect time

You know you are old when...

Today our school had a "dance" for grades 3-5 in the cafeteria for one hour. It was a fundraiser, to help raise money for yearbooks actually. I stood there for an hour (actually I circulated through the crowd)completely mystified that we encourage and tolerate such activities at such a young age. The music was incredibly loud (think concert/club) and it was rap/popular music of today that I am completely oblivious to. I couldn't understand what the words said, but most of the kids knew what it was. By their dance moves, it seemed inappropriate. We had probably 250 kids participating.

I think we (public schools, educators, and leaders in the community) should hold our standards VERY HIGH! We should not encourage 'club like' behavior and activities among children so young. We should only do education or wholesome activities that promote living your life above the standards that our society so quickly lowers with each passing decade.

As a future parent, I do not want my 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader involved in this kind of activity. If we encourage and allow such things so early, what do we expect will happen when they are in Middle School and/or High School? Obviously most of the children already watch BET, MTV, and any other cable network they want to watch without parental supervision. They already know how to act like thugs and the girls already know how to dress older than they really are. What they do not know is that their choices in life will lead them to certain consequences. They do not know that when you behave in such a manor you attract a 'certain group' of friends. They do not understand how to draw any lines to separate reality from fantasy. It's simply not developmentally appropriate to put 250 children (ages 8-11) in a large room and expect them to be able to control their behavior, not get into a fight, and walk back to class for the remainder of the school day.

What is happening to us (society, adults, parents) that we think this is ok? There were many parents in there...they were smiling and saying "the kids are having a blast"...Hello...did you see me trying to break up 3 fights? Did you see the kids bumping and grinding their bodies as if they are college students? Did you see the circles formulate and get so close together that who knows what was happening in the middle? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! These are our children, they should be treated as children. Unless we are doing the hokey pokey or the Mexican hat dance, there should be no dances in elementary school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it's because I'm too old, or because I've never been to a dance (unless you count dancing at weddings) or a club in my entire life. (and I don't feel like I'm missing out, btw) Maybe it's because I'm too old fashioned. Maybe it's because I don't' appreciate the art of rap music and "dance". Maybe because I've worked with teenagers and remember how incredibly difficult it is for them to uphold any sort of values and morals. Maybe it's because I have a group of kids in third grade that watch South Park, Family Guy, and BET all day long and have the behaviors to prove it. Maybe it's because a girl and a boy in my (3rd grade) class this year showed their "privates" to each other one day at home and shared this info. at school. Maybe it's because my 8 and 9 year old children are passing love notes in class...not 'do you like me, yes or no' but notes with older phrasing. Perhaps it's because most of my children do not live in a home with parents who love each other and they've never seen appropriate signs of love and affection. Perhaps it's because when I was 8 years old I was still playing with dolls and making mud pies in my backyard.

Or is it really because we have become so incredibly complacent in our society that we allow any and all behaviors no matter how inapprpriate. We've lost all common sense ESPECIALLY when it comes to raising, teaching, and caring for children. Many of them do not respect themselves and they certainly do not respect adults.

Am I taking this too far? Is it me?
(as a disclaimer, let me say that I do not think dancing is wrong nor do I think 'clubbing' is wrong...when you are old enough!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Picture explanations...

The pictures from Wednesday's post came from the National Geographic site below. National Geographic has a spread on China in their latest edition, and to go along with it they have an online version as well.
The main link is here:

The one with Minnie Mouse is of a wedding and the other one is a girl looking at a rice field. I thought they were so beautiful!

Six unimportant things about myself

I've been tagged by Jill to list six unimportant facts about myself.


1) you link back to the person who tagged you.

2) post these rules on your blog.

3) share six unimportant things about yourself.

4) tag six random people at the end of your entry.

5) let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs

Six unimportant things about myself:

1. I have bungee jumped and piloted a small aircraft, but I've never ridden in a limousine.

2. I do not like any kind of pets.

3. I puffy heart Sylvester Stallone and all of the Rocky movies. I watch them every time they are on cable and I have the whole collection. Something about the underdog, Rocky Balboa always coming back from behind that really melts my butter!! And come on, he's such a nice guy!!!

4. I've lived in the same house for over 30 years.

5. I've attended the same church for my entire life...until last weekend. I joined a new church! yeah for me, I'm breaking from tradition!

6. I've always wished to be a married stay at home mom with 6 that I'm 33 and still haven't found "Mr. Right" I don't really see that happening. But as Meg Ryan said in "You've Got Mail"...There is the dream of someone else!!

I tag:

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Neotokimmo and Natalie too!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I love Saturdays...the kind when you have nothing scheduled and can stay home in your PJ's all day. Today was that kind of day for me with a had a daycare conference all day so I had the house completely to myself! holla!!! Mom and I get along great and everything, but sometimes it's good to just do nothing and not feel guilty about it. Also, without her at home I am able to secretly clean and organize (I love to clean out closets and drawers and organize them neatly) things the way I want to. She is not the most organized person, love her to pieces but bless her heart she has no organizational genes on her side of the family. So I was able to get into the medicine cabinet in the kitchen and throw away all of the expired medicine bottles (she'll keep them forever) and I made a shelf of adult medication and children medication that are still good. Sooo neatly put together...she'll hate it! Then I organized the 'junk' drawers in the kitchen and threw out old pens and papers and miscellaneous items...she'll have them a mess again by Monday. I also found a total of $0.17! Score! Lastly, I cleaned out the refrigerator and thew out old items (again, she'll keep things forever. she hates to throw things out for some reason and it makes me feel liberated!)

This afternoon my dear friend who is adopting called and said I had 'won' the IPOD they were giving away from their adoption fundraiser. She has a blog for her son in China, Shepherd, and attached a 'chip in' to it. Everyone who made a contribution was put in a drawing for an IPOD. Her daughter drew a name and guess what...the winner was me! I've wanted an IPOD for a while so I'm so happy!

What a fabulous day...$0.17 in the kitchen drawers and an IPOD! I think I may get a lottery ticket tomorrow!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday with Maddie

We had a great Thursday outing! First of all we had to get dressed in the adorable (if I do say so myself!) outfit I bought for Maddie's 2nd Birthday. This is from the Holland Line at Gymboree from this Spring's collection. She has the purse and sunglasses to match too! She LOVES getting dressed up and looking at herself in the mirror! When she first started talking, I taught her how to look in the mirror and say "I'm gorgeous!"....I know it's shallow and vain, but how cute!

Our main goal today was to visit Grandma Sherrill, one of Maddie's great grandmothers. Grandma Sherrill loves children, she had six children of her own, and now has 17 grandchildren, 33 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild on the way. She is a very kind saint of a woman actually. She's never had an enemy. She is 87 years old and still lives alone and cares for herself. Amazing!! Yesterday she was busy packing for a trip to her home town (in North Carolina) to visit a sister (she's one of 11 kids!) and in the midst of packing she forgot to eat (a problem I've never had!). She has diet controlled diabetes and so by late last night she was dizzy and sick. She fell in her home and hurt her head, but was better today. So Maddie and I went to check on her. We practiced in the car saying "Hi Grandma, feel better, and be careful grandma". It was the highlight of Grandma's week!

On our way out...
We stopped at the Pet Store to look at the animals
Talking to the birds
We stopped by Grandma Sherrill's house to visit and admire her spring flowers
I love Grandma Sherrill

We picked her flowers

Grandma has lots of pretty things
So many fancy dolls!

We took Grandma a pretty pot of planted orange tulips already in bloom, but I dropped them on her driveway and all of the blooms broke off. Maddie said, "broke, broke...fix it". Grandma took the bulbs and planted them.
Grandma always has a teddy bear for me!

We went to the park and met Baby Eddie, mommy, and daddy!
I LOVE the slide!

Baby Eddie is soooo cute and cuddly!

Extreme Standardized Testing

We've been testing this week, you know the yearly standardized testing that all 3rd-8th graders have to endure. The testing that now determines if a teacher is in fact "highly qualified" or not. The testing that consumes our planning and strategies for the year. The testing we all dread so much! It's not fun, it's not age appropriate, it's not developmentally appropriate, it's not right!!!
I'm not complaining just to complain, but come on...when is it developmentally appropriate to ask an 8 or 9 year old to sit and read for 68 minutes straight???? That was just the first test on the first day. We are fortunate enough to enjoy these long test schedules for 4 days! During these weeks we have to go by a different schedule because we will not finish the tests in time to go to our normal 10:40 lunch time. We also can't go out to recess at our normal time because the noise disturbs those classrooms still testing. We have to wrap our classrooms in bulletin board paper so our kids can't get any "clue" to an answer! Students have to remain seated and have to raise their hand if they want to move an inch. Strangers (otherwise known as proctors) have to come into the classroom and 'monitor' because nobody believes teachers are professionals and should have the freedom to give a test once a year...even though we assess every day! The whole thing is ridiculous and makes me mad!
Pretty soon we’re going to be assessing them on how thoroughly they wipe after a trip to the bathroom. Or maybe using a rubric to score their ability to open those milk cartons at lunch. Perhaps we should think about attaching a bubble sheet to their recess routine just to make sure that their free play is highly monitored and accounted for. I keep waiting for their little turkey timers to pop…they have to be done. I am.

Friday, April 4, 2008

So me, so not me

So me
So not me

So me
So not me

So me

So not me

So me
So not me

So me
So not me
So me

So not me
So me

So not me
So me
So not me
So me

So not me

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