Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Year LID Anniversary!

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Today marks my two year anniversary of my log in date for Molly. Oh my how time flies and yet it seems to crawl by at the same time. I'm trying to stay focused on what I can do to prepare and plan for the sweet day when Molly will be here. I know it will happen and I know God has purposed this wait for me for a grow me as a person and as a Christian, to show me anything worth having is worth waiting for, and to show me he is in control of EVERYTHING in my life.

Today I'm praying for the orphanage or foster parents who will raise my daughter during the first days, months, or possibly years of her life. I'm praying for loving care, gentleness, provisions, and patience for them. I'm praying for the CCAA and Government of China; for them to have softened hearts on the behalf of all of the orphans in their country. That they won't see it as a money making opportunity or a numbers game. And with those softened hearts they will allow more babies to be able to be with their forever families this year. I'm praying for change and improvements in International Adoptions all over the world. I'm praying for more countries to become single friendly and allow single parents to adopt. And finally, for all of the orphans in the world today...may somebody reach out to them and show them the love security that only Jesus Christ can provide for them.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today I turn 34...
This morning mom and I are having breakfast and will probably do a little shopping. Then, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner with friends and then we're going to see The Pajama Game at TPAC ( our local performing arts center). It looks like it will be a fun day! I can't believe I'm in my mid 30's...I don't dwell on age, but jeez it seems like I should have more accomplished in my life by now! (Namely a house, husband, and children!) Oh well, maybe this year will be a good's hoping!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Valentine's Celebrations

We kept the kids last night and had our own celebrations to give mommy and daddy a night alone. First we had our special dinner. Everything was heart shaped...even the toast.
Then we opened our special gifts...

Two big stuffed puppies with floppy ears!

Madison's was pink
Eddie's was tan

They really only wanted to jump in the bed and do whatever else was off limits!
I kept trying to get a good picture of them

Then it brought on tears, poor baby Eddie:(

Finally we were all in bed by 9pm...not exactly the Valentine's Eve a normal single 33 year old girl would plan. But, alas...this is my life!

Happy Valentines Day and the winner is...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you have a great one! This afternoon I am joining a friend to see 'He's just not that into you' ...a perfect movie for single girls on Valentine's Day, don't you think?

The winner of the free blog makeover at The Design Girl is Peace, Love and Applesauce! Congratulations and I can't wait to see your new blog! I was going to use, but since there were only a few entries and I had the kids this morning I let Madison help me choose a winner the old fashioned way!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't Forget!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln!

You probably didn't know (unless you are an Elementary School teacher!) that today (February 12th) is President Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday! We invite an Abraham Lincoln impersonator to our school every year. If you live in the Middle Tennessee area, you can invite him to your school by visiting his website. His similarity with the real Lincoln is a bit eerie, but the presentation is fabulous!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey! It's getting HOT in here...

...So Take Off All Your Clothes...or at least strip down to a standard school attire- appropriate layer.Why you ask? Why are we stripping in my classroom? In February? Because this week it has been officially 89 degrees in my classroom. Yes, 89. I'm thinking about dressing everyone up in grass skirts and just having a luau. You know, for ha has.

We came back inside from our recess period and I could literally feel sweat beads rolling down my back. All of my friend's eyes were glazed over as if to say...'how much longer?' and I agree!

For some reason I will never understand but it seems, our wonderful custodial staff never wants to cooperate with teachers when we say it is too hot in our classrooms. They must think we do it about once a month for kicks! But, about once per month our air goes turns to this stale air that is neither hot nor cold. They have to then go into the 'secret closet' that stays locked at all times and 'flip a switch' of some sorts to reset the air. When they do that appropriately, everything is fine. But every now and then (depending on which person comes upstairs to solve the problem) they decide to turn the whole system off. So not only is there absolutely no air blowing, everyone is ill, and every time I picture the germs that must be breeding in our sweltering sweat box of a classroom, I think I might hurl.

Yesterday I finally thought to ask one of the Custodians if she could reset the air. You know, just a smidgen. My request was met with a resounding, "it's either on or off!" which I find very hard to believe since I witnessed a custodian turn it up myself. I mean, if there's an up, there's a down, friend. My all time favorite excuse is "we don't control the heat in the building...they control everything in the central office"!!!!!!!!!!!! While I've heard that excuse about 117 times I know it's not true because I've had cool air blowing all winter long.

My classroom is on the second floor (hot air rises) and we have two great windows where the sun shines through and heats us up nice and toasty by 10:00 a.m. With the increasing warm weather outside, we had stormy weather yesterday with very high winds. So if we left the windows up we had papers blowing everywhere from the wind and the rain got books wet, but if we closed the windows we were so hot we couldn't stand it. We decided to secure all the loose items and try to deal with the rain coming in...these are all decisions that take away from my excellent instruction through the day!

Please, I'm begging somebody to invent a school building where we can control our own heat and air all year long...and also could somebody send us a live person who actually knows how to work our heat and air system??

Today mom asked if it was 'casual day'?...I'm wearing jeans, lightweight tennis shoes, and a t-shirt with my hair pulled back in a headband...not profession, I know. But as long as I'm teaching for 7+ hours in a sauna this is all I can muster up!

Now, I'm off to continue teaching in my sweltering classroom. Too bad nobody is paying attention to my fabulous lesson...No Child Left Behind, right?

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My One Year Blogiversary & Giveaway!!

One year ago I decided to begin my own blog. I started blogging for several reasons:

1. I was completely fascinated with reading blogs about adoptive families. That fascination lead me into other blogs of families, singles, teachers, etc. I love peeking into people's lives. Some call it nosey-ness, I call it...learning! People are wonderful creatures and I love the experience of learning from each other, whether it's about parenting, adopting, decorating, dating, or any other subject. I think we learn the most when we are learning from each other.

2. I wanted to begin chronicling my journey through adoption (and waiting) so Molly could one day look back and read about what was going on in my life. I've started diaries and journals no less than 100 times and they always turn to blank pages around January 15th for some reason. I can't keep a New Year's Resolution. So blogging was one way I could for sure tell my story. I always am near a computer and I can click online and post an entry very easily.

3. I wanted to create a 'document' where I could look back from month to month, year to year and see how God has moved in my life. So many times we forget the little things and we shouldn't. So this is a way for me to look at where I've been and where I've come from. God has blessed my life so richly and I'm most undeserving of anything he has to offer me, but I definately want to remember it all! The good and the bad.

So in order to celebrate appropriately...I'm having a giveaway! I couldn't think of a better thing to giveaway than a new blog!!! I've partnered up with the fabulous Design Girl (formerly known as Blogs by Danielle) who has designed all of my fabulous designs in the past including:

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thank you Sunshine!

We've all been cooped up inside for over a month with frigid temperatures this winter. Friday and this weekend we finally have a warm up and everyone enjoyed getting outside in the sunshine. These are some cute pictures of the kids at my mom's daycare enjoying the time outside!

With sidewalk chalk

Making a line

Inspecting bugs


More running

We're Learning...

"The great thing about having an aunt who is also a teacher is that she is always trying to have school with us...regardless of how young we are!"

Eddie and Maddie love to get on my laptop. Here we are on Starfall which is a great website for young learners. Madison is going to be disappointed on her birthday (3/3) when she opens my gift...a child's version of a laptop with things more appropriate for her. She's going to be like..."where's the Internet, Amy?"

But it is interesting watching kids at this age learn and develop. I'm so used to 8 and 9 year olds that I've enjoyed watching Madison and Eddie develop. I'm looking and reading into what is age appropriate at these ages (1 and 3) to see where they should be. This summer Little Eddie is going to be a part of my own version of The Intensive Institute of Speech and Language Development and Madison is going to be a part of my own version of Boot Camp and Obedience School!!

This is a great part about being an aunt, I can try things out on these two guinea pigs and actually get it all right with Molly!!!!!! Just kidding. Neither Eddie or Madison really need to enter summer camp yet, they are totally right on target (or ahead) with their ages.

But Eddie does need a little more one on one with speech and vocabulary because:
a. he's a boy
b. he had ear infections and other milk allergy related illnesses his first year of life
c. he is the second child/grandchild and didn't receive the fanfare of the first

and Madison does need work on being obedient because:
a. she is a toddler
b. she is stubborn and smart...a bad combination
c. she was the first child and had 4 adults at her beckon call for 18 months

I'm thinking of their futures here! I don't want opportunity to pass them by because they are've got to step it up kids! (this is what I told my third graders this week and they looked at me with blank stares!)

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