Friday, September 25, 2009

31 months paper pregnant

Today I'm 31 months paper pregnant...that is

943.542347 days


22 645.0163 hours

but who's counting?

Things with China adoption do not seem to speeding up any and so it will more than likely be another 3-4 years before I receive a referral. That is too much for me to comprehend. We're talking 10 years of waiting to become a mom! What is God trying to teach me through this? How is he trying to grow me? What is it about me that has to take this long to learn? This process makes you questions yourself like never before. It makes you doubt your intentions and plans. I just never thought it would be this long.

Next year I'll be 35 years old and by the summer of 2010 I will have been in my house for one year. I'm giving myself one year in my house to get things set up, painted, re-decorated, etc. before I make a big decision. But by next summer I will put my name on the special needs list unless God strongly convinces me not to. It's a scary thing for me...because I will be a single mom. But many of the children that are adopted through the special needs lists have very minor special needs. If I do this I could have a referral within a few months or another year. While I wait for special needs I will also remain in line for a Non Special Needs Child just in case it doesn't work out. I know this will scare many of my family members (mainly mom) because they don't want me to get in over my head. But I'm praying about it this year...someone recently told me a great quote that I'm applying to this situation. "You are waiting on God to move and God is waiting on You to DO". It's so true in many situations! If you are a prayer warrior you can pray specifically for this as well. Pray for peace and confidence about adding myself to the special needs list for China.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rainy Days

It's been a rainy week in Nashville and I must admit I have enjoyed the rainy weekend. I stayed in my pj's all day yesterday and only accomplished two things: 1. laundry 2. reading 2 magazines!! It was great! I know I'll regret my laziness come Monday morning, but for now it's been a wonderful way to decompress. I have a busy week ahead and next weekend will be out of town.

I had a wonderful Pampered Chef party and look forward to getting my boxes of "stuff" this week. I'll post pics of everything I bought and got for free. It was a great way to stock my kitchen and I can't wait to get it all organized!

I hope you have enjoyed a good weekend and have had some time to relax as well!

Friday, September 18, 2009

the un-lovable students...

I need more patience, lots more! please pray that i don't loose my job because i couldn't handle one of my students this year...and by couldn't handle i mean can't take her constant back talking, rolling eyes, stomping her feet, being mean to my kids, self entitled to everything personality, spoiled, rude, and disrespectful attitude any longer! now i loves me some lack of discipline challenges each year. i love to mold and shape them into the 'maze way' and watch their parents look on in a-maze-ment (pun intended!) give me some bad boys and i can work with it. give me some un-organization and i can go with it. give me some low performers and i can do it! but, don't give me the attitude riddled girl who has always gotten her way. i can't do that! I need more patience, lots more!

i AM NOT one to give up easy and i DO NOT send my kids to the office because i think it shows them you have given up and you have no control over them. bad thing to show them on week 5 of school! however, i have gone against my own better judgement and sent Ms. Horrible Attitude to the office on Wednesday and she was put in In School Suspension for Thursday. It was the best day of the school year, Thank you Jesus! The whole feeling of my classroom was dramatically different with this little **** out of the room. But this morning I am faced with walking back in the rink with her inside the ropes again and I'm not ready for the fight that will be ahead. I really am trying to let some things slide and not provoke her, but there are rules and my rules must be followed. She is the kind of student that once she gets in trouble, even for a small thing, she melts down and is horrible the rest of the day. I need more patience, lots more! The sad thing is the rest of my kids are really good hearted little friends. They are sweet, excited about learning, and appreciative. I. really like them. But one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch sometimes and this is a classic case. I need more patience, lots more!

OK, I'm about the journey on to school. i can do this, i think i can, i think i can! i have done it for 13 years....oh the thrill of the fight ahead!

Monday, September 14, 2009

two questions

1. what's up with kanye west, serena williams, and rep. joe wilson?
2. what has this world come to? do we have no class anymore?

Monday, September 7, 2009

I Love Labor Day!

I love Labor Day...the long weekend, the expectation of fall it brings, and the beginning of football! What a great weekend! I had some out of town guests in yesterday for a labor day cookout.
This is (me), Aunt Judy, Aunt Shelby, Cousin Debbie, Great Aunt Bub, Great Aunt Mot, and Grandma
I'm also ready for may be a bit early but I wanted to be all decorated for my guests.

I made the monogrammed pumpkins last year. The directions are here.

Love the simple arrangement of wheat tired around a vase.

I saw a similar display on Martha Stewart's website and had to copy it here. This is the link to her directions and templates of the jar labels! Imagine Eddie and Maddie's face when they walked into my house and saw these jars of candy!!!! Eddie got one of the orange and white sticks and ate the whole thing...and then smeared his sticky hands on my white sofa! ha! Of course, Maddie's favorite were the gumballs!

My big purchase were these jack o lantern shades and pumpkin and bat magnetic chrystal charms for the chandelier in the dining room. I bought them here.

Everything else I just gathered from mom's attic!

I love fall, do you?

My new Kitchen...soon to be:)

I contacted Layla over at The Lettered Cottage before I even moved into my house to help me redesign my kitchen. It was very 80's and I need to move it into the current century with a timeless classic look. I'm so excited about her sketch and suggestions.

This will be the new look:

Major things on my to do list:

Scraping the popcorn ceiling...should be fun:)

Painting the walls a soft cream color

Adding bead board wallpaper as my back splash...painted white

Adding cute plates to the soffit area at the top

Changing the light above the sink

Adding hardware to the doors

Changing the fluorescent light in the middle of the kitchen

My fave...the counter tops! I'm going with a cream-ish color corian with an under mount sink!

The thing I'm most scared and unsure about: the cabinets...Layla suggests painting them a warm, dusty brown to take out the orangey-ness of the current wood tone. I agree. I would love a warmed up space. And I like the idea of them still looking light wood b/c painting them cream would just be too much cream/white in the house. But I've never painted cabinets and of course the thought of it is scary. But her drawing is precious...if I could get it to look just like that I'd feel good about it.

These are some of the before pic's I sent to her:

see the antique appliances!
see how orange the cabinets look...

These are some improvements I've already made:
The chandelier and curtains in the nook area

My new white appliances. I know she recommended I go with stainless but the fridge was a freebie from mom (thanks mom:)) and the stove and microwave were under $600 for both so I couldn't resist. I do love stainless and may consider going that direction in the future.
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