Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Danielle over at The Design Girl is having a Mr. MckLinky party to share Christmas traditions. I shared detailed traditions last year for a month so I'm just going to post my link here to all of my favorite things to do for you to browse through. I love the Holiday Season and am especially excited to get my own home ready for the holidays this year. So, whether you are in listening to Christmas music already like some of us (:)) or not even thinking about it yet...have some fun and share with us! I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!!...

Monday, October 26, 2009

32 Months Paper Pregnant

Yesterday was my 32nd month anniversary of my LID. I spent some time on my fall break to renew paperwork and get things updated. I'm including on my new homestudy update a broader age range and minor special needs. On Christmas break I plan on completing the special needs/waiting child application from my agency. This could mean a referral in 2010 for me, but not necessarily. Please continue praying for Molly as I go forward with these changes. I know it's in God's hands and in his perfect timing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"i sick"...

that is what little Eddie says when he's sick it's so cute, he has many cute 'eddie-isms' right now:
"i sick"
"i s-carrrred" (for i'm scared)
"i did" (for i do, i am, or sometimes for yes)
"i told" (for i'm cold)
"pum on" (for come on)

but i really am sick:( naturally on my fall break i would get sick...so sad! but at least i don't have to use my sick days (trying to look on the bright side here). I've had a fever, chest congestion, and bad cough for a couple days. today i do seem to be getting a bit better. but i had such a long to do list and nothing is getting accomplished and it's a very pretty day! i don't think it's the flu (had the flu shot on Thursday) but could be h1n1 or bronchitis. probably bronchitis because i'm feeling better too soon to be h1n1...unless i relapse. i hope not.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christmas Decor...

I know it's still fall and we haven't even approached Thanksgiving, but I started listening to Christmas music this week and I am gathering my thoughts and ideas for a beautiful Christmas at my home. Come along and join me for this tour of lovely Christmas beauty courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens...

Of course, I love the all white theme

but, pink gets me every time!

I love using ice skates in the winter time as decor!

Simple and beautiful!

Love the mantel

Love these two side chairs and the stockings!!

Beautiful bulbs hanging from the chandelier

Candles are so easy and romantic!

it's a cold october morn...

and i haven't turned my heat on yet! i was waiting to have my heat serviced before I turned it on and they aren't coming until Monday. too bad for me that the high is 48 degrees today! I'm also waiting for the gas co. to check my gas logs before i turn them on and they are coming on Monday as well. naturally the forecast for next week is highs in the 60's and 70's...i won't need the fireplace on then. so this morning i made a pot of coffee and have many layers on...my thermostat says my house is 58 degrees! that is cold!! lucky for me i do have an electric blanket on my bed for nighttime!

I'm beginning my week of fall break today! we have a whole week off for the first time ever (we normally don't get a fall break in my district) so this break is a welcome relief! i have a very long to do list on my table but I'm taking it easy today as i merge into my break.

i have a praise to report on this post ? well, the situation reached it's peak with said student a few weeks ago when her mom called to basically tell me her daughter was a rude and disrespectful person because i did not send home enough happy notes (read: push the blame on me). of course, how could i single handily change the total persona of a person in 5 short weeks?? it must be my magical powers...but probably more likely it's that she has little to no responsibilities at home, gets everything she ever asks for, and has no consequences at home. Therefore said student is in shock at school to have to obey the rules like all of my other friends! Also mom told me her daughter is NEVER a problem at home (LIAR) and is only a problem at church and school!!!!!!!! At the end of the conversation, when she saw I was standing firm about the fact that her daughter's problem was not my lack of "happy notes" but rather her inability to accept authority, rules, and consequences...her mom hung up on me! Yes, she hung. up. on. her. child's. teacher! Now, I ask you ...would you hang up on your doctor, nurse, accountant or attorney? No, I don't think so! Teachers are the only professionals that get treated like crap on a daily basis and some people think it's justified. So sad. (I won't even start on the pay) This is why we need fall breaks, spring breaks, and summer breaks!!

OK...now to the praise! It's been about 2 weeks since this scenario and I've really prayed and tried to begin loving this child. It's hard. But, it's getting better. She has many positives and I did try to tell her mom that. Fast forward to Friday...the day before fall break...my principal comes to my room to tell me he was moving rude chick to another classroom when we return from fall break! I have to admit I was giddy with glee and happiness! She was the thorn in my side for the first 9 weeks of school and I dreaded my days with her because I knew she was going to suck me completely dry!

Don't get too excited for me because the other part of the story is that he is also switching another (boy) student into my room. Basically me and this other teacher are switching out two student/parent problems. This does not happen often and I usually don't recommend the principal bending to parent complaints. However, when the parents are so unwilling to work with you and are keeping a "check list" of sorts on everything you do and say to their children it does become an issue. So I'm getting a possible new behavior problem, but he's a boy and I can usually handle bad boys better than bad girls so I'm happy!

So thanks to anyone who prayed for me and my situation. I consider this a blessing and am looking forward to the second nine weeks of school!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

more fun to come...

I'm so excited to know that some of my favorite girls are coming to town in November!!! i'll be so happy to welcome danielle, jill, and tippa to my hometown for another girls getaway next month! (tippa, i don't really know you, but i'm sure we'll have a great time!) i'm planning some fun adventures for this weekend and i'll be sure to post about it as i'm sure we all will! stay tuned!

i spoke with danielle for the first time tonight by phone and she was most amused by my southern accent, ha! she'll be rolling for sure after she spends the weekend with a true southern gal...born and raised in Nashville...it's a smidge different than life in l.a. i think! i can't wait!

oh what fun!

my best friends candace, deb, and amber had a great girls getaway weekend in the mountains this weekend!

this is our adorable cabin

it had great space and was very cozy

we needed one more day to utilize this kitchen

after traveling up the mountain through many curvy, dark roads we finally saw the street sign!

how cute is this episcopal church?

our running joke for the weekend...you had to be there but we all took one of these kitchen towels home!

the smokey mountains...in two more weeks these trees will be a beautiful variety of colors!

the sky lift!

beautiful fall, everywhere!

breakfast at the pancake pantry...yumm-o!

candace's b-day! 39 in 2009!...i had to get that one in here, candace!

a little christmas spirit!
pic with santa!

after traveling since 9 a.m. we were still only half way through our journey...it was a long day!
candace's kids: shepherd and hadley were so fun and cute!

shepherd, a total ham!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Girls Getaway

I'm about to head out on a girls getaway weekend with my three best friends! I can't wait to get out of town but had to post this hilarious 'teacher story' so you all could get a great laugh while I'm gone.

Figuring out student's pronunciation of names is always a challenge. You never know what syllables the parents want stressed and vowels may be long or short anymore because hey, let's face it....people are not hooked on phonics anymore! The normal "rules" for pronunciation do not apply. Throw in the dashes, hyphens, and accent marks and a name could be pronounced any number of ways, but this is the best one yet!

Name: Le-a

How might you guess to pronounce that?

Leeeeah or

Leah or perhaps

Laya....but no....it is actually pronounced

wait for it....
make sure you are sitting down...

Ledasha because as "mom" put it....
the dash is not silent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enjoy and share!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodwill and Yard Sale Finds

Oh, what a glorious feeling, oh what a glorious day...
It's fall and I was home with virtually no plans on Saturday morning. It was also Goodwill's monthly 1/2 off sale! So I was more than happy to jump out of bed, brew my coffee, and get out the door by 7 a.m. to venture out into the cool brisk breeze of a fall morning! It made me smile!
Here is some of my loot...a Christmas Santa bag hand made from felt ($2), a pumpkin Halloween costume ($2), a handmade ghost candy basket ($1), 2 tin lunch boxes ($1 each), a handmade pumpkin jar (.50), a Halloween doll ($2), and a White Christmas puzzle ($1) for the holidays.
This was one of the best deals...a Jim Shore Snowman in perfect condition...retails for about $40 and I paid $2.50 I think.
The second best find...an 8 piece setting of this Holiday China for....$15!!!!!! Complete with bowls, glasses, a serving bowl, and salt/pepper shaker. I love this!

Before I went to goodwill I went to a few Yard sales...it was my lucky day!
A rolling pin for $1
a brand new Kitchen Aid mixer for $40....do you know how much these are? around $200 and do you know how much I love to cook and bake? that is why my kitchen was definitely naked without one!! I can't wait to bake a cake!


these are some gals (minus one, sorry noelle!) that i used to teach with. we get together occasionally to catch up, talk teacher stories, and show off babies!
Patti, Meredith, and Sheralee
Baby Olivia, 5 weeks old
Baby KelliAnn, 4 weeks old
Proud new mommas!
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