Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the greatest show on earth

this weekend, molly and i had a great time at the circus!
we went last year and liked it so much, i decided to go again this year

it was a gorgeous sunny day and we enjoyed our time outside in downtown nashville!
 molly's favorite again this year is the elephant...

 but, that was until she saw the lion!
thanks to the lion king...lions are her all time favorite animal!!
 however...she did not like the "tall man"
the walking on stilts scared her
 it was a wonderful show
and, i agree with molly
the elephants are my favorite!

 not smiling for the picture after the show
she was ready for a good nap!
 and, fell asleep in the car with her lighted wand thing buzzing the whole way home!
 we bought the white tiger at the circus to add to her collection on lions, tigers, and puppies
these are her all time favorite things to play with right now
she will line them up like this
"feed them"
stroll them
and simulate scenes from the lion king movie with them
it is so cute!

Monday, January 30, 2012


we started a bad habit
she likes my big bed and apparently my pillow too
when i went in my room to get into bed one night this is what i found
i think she actually got too hot on the bed b/c i have an electric mattress pad to keep it warm
(i just love crawling into a warm bed!)
anyway, the truth is i love having her right by my side at night too
so, it's a bad habit that we both love
should that make it ok?
two negatives = a positive, right?
i don't know
i guess it will work itself out in time
she won't care to sleep with me when she's 13 will she?
so, only a few years left of this sweet snuggling...
i'll take it while i can:)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where's Winter?

although i've been dressing molly in all her snowman dresses
and we still have snowmen decorating our home
winter has been out of site in nashville this month
and, frankly it's making this 3rd grade teacher very touchy!

i mean, when you know there are certain free days "built in" to your work calendar 
and they go unused
it's just insanity!

so, i'm hoping February brings some cold weather...
along with some of the white stuff!

Monday, January 16, 2012

the last christmas pics

ok, as i've been looking through my pictures i have found some that i never posted
first up is christmas day at grandma sherrill's house
grandma sherrill is 90 yeas old and now lives in a nursing home
she fell and broke her hip last february and was not able to recover enough to live without assistance
it is so heartbreaking to see her in a nursing home, but it was our only choice
however, she is able to leave the home for a day and my uncle has been really good about bringing her to her own house every week or two
we all met up at her house on christmas day so she could see everyone
she's gone down a lot and has lost a lot of weight this year
sometimes she talks about things that don't make sense, but most of the time she is very coherent and knows what is going on
for example, she knows these kids are nothing but trouble! ha!
she will see them (mostly mine) misbehave and make some comment about disciplining (spanking) her!

 i looked so bad on christmas day (note to self:  start wearing makeup and getting dressed up for holidays)
sometimes i just love to not have to deal with make up and hair
but, clearly  those days are over!

 these 3 are trouble for sure!  (molly-3, maddie-5, eddie-4)
 then, a few days after christmas uncle jeff (who is really my 2nd cousin, but molly calls him uncle) came and brought her presents
uncle jeff buys the best presents!
 first up was this cool lava lamp to put in her bedroom
she thinks this is cool beans for sure!

 next up were two outfits from janie and jack
ok, i love browsing this store but this mama can't afford to shop there
so i loved the clothes a lot more than molly (of course)

 even the boxes were adorable!!!
 total cuteness!
and he bought her another beautiful dress i didn't get a picture of

 what was molly most interested in?
uncle jeff's ipad!
it's so funny, with a few instructions she was busy for the night

 she's now a pro at angry birds
i have no idea how to do any of it!
i have no i pad or i phone or smart phone
i don't even text!

so thanks uncle jeff!  we loved visiting with you and your ipad!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

ride 'em cowgirl

it's been too long since my last post
but it seems so hard to find the time to keep my blog updated as often as i'd like
i have so much to say and so many pictures waiting to be posted!
 molly has been enjoying her horsey given to her by our neighbors
these pics are blurry, but i loved the expressions
this was after we stayed in our pj's all day and watch home alone
she thought it was funny and kept saying, "what's going to happen next?"
 tomorrow we are going to see beauty and the beast in 3d
this is her favorite movie and we're both looking forward to seeing it on the big screen

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