Monday, June 28, 2010


thanks to some extra special kisses...
my bum finger is healing nicely.  I still can't believe the extent the infection went to in that one finger!  Molly has been very cautious and concerned and will come over and kiss it along with any other "boo boos" she thinks I have!  She has become more and more affectionate each day giving hugs and kisses freely to me throughout the day!  Whenever I sing the Barney theme song she will stop what she's doing and come to me for a hug and kiss when I sing that in the lyrics.

We've been keeping busy around the house throughout the weekend and today.
so busy that she just can't even stay awake at the lunch or dinner table!  She does this all the time now.  She just runs herself to pure exhaustion...somehow I can relate! ha!!  After I put her to bed, it isn't but a few minutes until I look this way sprawled out on the couch...except I'm not this cute!
 She does her own stunts!

We enjoyed a couple yard sales on Saturday morning in the neighborhood.
I made her come right home and help with some chores!
Her latest thing is playing with dolls...she is beginning to show them affection and be nice to them instead of hitting them and throwing them on the floor!  Today we made a room full of pallets and put them all to bed!
She loves playing with blankets...especially covering them up with the blankets!
After she had been quiet for a while I went in to check on her and she had her dolls in the bathroom "hair salon" doing their hair like I do hers each day!
Apparently she also brushed their teeth and cleaned their ears with q tips b/c they were out of their usual container.

A few minutes later I heard her walking down the hall in these...
She has rearranged my shoe closet for the 27th time!
But who cares...look at that smile!
She wants to walk in my shoes!
Then, she went back to wake her babies up from their nap and brought this one to me with a diaper...apparently this baby was wet.
She really was trying to figure out how to put on her diaper...
Then she got preoccupied with the fact that she didn't have her matching cover ups on under her dress and tried to put them on herself.
as usual...she was determined to do it!
without my help!
and decided to go with just one leg on!
again, with this smile...who cares!
Tomorrow we go to the doctor and I'm anxious to see how much weight she has gained since she's been home.  She needs to stop growing and stop getting cuter and cuter or I may have to put her in time out!  If you leave them in time out for a day will they stop growing???  I just want to freeze these moments with her and all her cuteness right now so I can soak it in!  I know they grow so fast and I just can't handle it!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


today was not a good day.
i should have known a day like this would follow the night we had.
you see, molly has really been enjoying her bedtime routine.  she knows exactly what we do...bath, hair, books, lights out, and drink milk from her sippy with mommy.  it's become my favorite part of the day really.
you may have watched in the previous post how she fell asleep in her high chair.  that was great b/c she didn't really have a good nap yesterday.  so she went right to bed and was sound asleep at 7pm and when i checked in on her around 10pm she was snoozing.
well,  i thought i smelled a bad diaper and didn't want her to sleep in it...gross.  i thought twice...that's what i get for thinking!  and i got her up to change her diaper which wasn't even dirty!  she was so mad and wouldn't/couldn't go back to sleep.  i felt like a terrible mommy!  i went against my own rule of never waking a sleeping baby!!  we went back and forth from about 10 - 1 am crying, rocking, getting in her bed and finally i caved and let her sleep in my bed with me which we haven't done since china.  she actually slept beside me and not on top of me!  but still i couldn't sleep and was up watching threes company at 3:30 this morning! ha!  the good news in molly slept fine, but i hope she doesn't think she can come to my room anytime!  that is only for extreme mommy guilt!
the other reason i couldn't sleep is because i have a bum middle finger.  i did something to it on monday night and it got worse yesterday.  i think it is from the worst habit on earth...biting/picking at/trimming my own cuticles.  i really don't recall it bleeding on monday or anything but i have been known to give myself very sore fingertips from constantly biting, etc.  well when i finally got up this a.m. it was throbbing in such pain, was red with fever, and swollen.  i thought it looked like a case for the ER...

so off i went this morning after i dropped of molly with mom.  i felt a little silly going to the er for a sore finger

but you can sort of see that it was swelling, hurting, and not draining at all.  i feared what may happen...

but in the end i left feeling much better than i entered and i did have a few or five hours of uninterrupted tv time! ha!

i've been wanting to catch up on my morning tv shows!  
they did immediately start an iv with very strong antibiotic to start fighting the infection and i got a tetanus shot too.

then the dr. came in and deadened it so i couldn't feel anything!  that is what finally brought some relief!  no more throbbing pain.
you can see it swelling and changing colors...
this was the most concerning part, according to the dr.  the "pad" of my finger was beginning to swell also.  this could be a sign of a more severe infection.  
she did a little "surgery" to let my finger drain and collected a sample for tests to try and determine what the infection is from.
then she wrapped me up
i couldn't resist taking this picture...don't be offended but it's how i feel sbout the whole day!
i asked the dr. if i over reacted and she assured me that i did the right thing.  it could have been more serious if i had waited longer.  especially considering the red streak that went up my finger/hand.  but i think everything will heal just fine.  i go back tomorrow for dr. to check it again.

so my words to anyone out there with the same bad habit as me...stop biting your nails/cuticles!  it can cause a bad infection.  i vow to have beautiful nails very soon!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

kindermusik, tornadoes, and acting

on tuesday morning we go to kindermusik class thanks to aunt ambre and uncle eddie who paid for molly's tuition this summer!  (yes, i say thanks to aunt ambre a lot because she is a great aunt and is totally smitten with ms. molly therefore has bought her a lot of stuff since we've been home!!ha!!  i was blessed with very fun and wonderful aunts in my life so i'm SO GLAD we have aunt ambre close by to contribute in the spoiling of loving on my daughter)

back to is a short interactive music class for children and parents to attend together.  molly and i are in the "sign and sing" class.  she is learning some sign language for certain frequently used words.  i was able to take madison and eddie to kindermusik classes when they were younger and i'm so happy to be taking my own daughter there now.  molly loves going and jumps in with gusto to any activity we are doing!

  see what i mean, that's molly jumping right into the middle of the room as soon as we walked in the door!

this is clean up time...there is a song, and a sign.  we sign and sing this about 37 times within the 45 minute class.  it could get annoying, but look at all the kiddos totally amazed!  the amazing thing is they actually put the toys away without having meltdowns!  molly is a pro at up that is not melting down:)


making music
always focused on the teacher...she is a good listener!!
i told you...see, she is watching what the teacher is about to do/say next!
she always approaches the teacher...since the first day she makes a point to have one on one attention with her at some point in the class.  i think she might be a brown noser...
showing her 'clean up' skills
so proud!
 and imitating

giving the clean up basket to the teacher while everyone else is playing with the toys that go inside...see what i mean...brown. nose!

then she decided to just sit inside the basket
going to the teacher again
and again!  she always goes to her when it's time to dance.  maybe she knows i'm not a good dancer and prefers ms. amy's moves to mine??

after kindermusik we come home for the afternoon.  today molly found all of the construction paper and managed to pull out every single piece and bring into the living room!   her afternoon snack is hanging from her mouth.  she's much too busy to sit and eat.  my house is officially a tornado and it still looks like this!  i'm about to turn the lights out, watch 'the little couple', and go to bed to face it all in the morning! ha!
the guilty one
she LOVES books, especially books about animals
this is her fake whimper...she pulls this move anytime she thinks i'm not paying attention to her.  as you can see i was sitting right in front of her at this moment, but she needed a little extra lovin' i guess!  she puts her finger in the book to get it "stuck" and then whimpers until I help her "remove" it.
then she wants me to kiss it... of course!  
she will do this 'fake/whimper', 'fake/stuck' thing a lot.  i think it is so cute {and a smart way to get attention}.  she has "stuck" her finger in the hinge part of the closet door, cabinet doors, the air vent, grocery carts, etc.   i hope she is careful...i don't want her to really get a finger stuck somewhere...she doesn't have any fingers to spare!!!  she is a real actress though!!
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