Thursday, October 25, 2012

cupcake, birthday, engagement, funerals, sickness, and cell phones

ok, so this post is loaded with randomness...
it's so hard to get to the computer these days to write a full post and load pictures

my cupcake:
 one of molly's {3} halloween costumes is this adorable cupcake i bought on clearance from pbkids last year
 we dressed up last weekend for grandma sherrill's 91st birthday party!
she's the cutest little cupcake i've ever seen!

 these pics were taken in my neighbor's yard
she has the most beautiful fall decor
this is jeb the scarecrow...he will turn into santa in december!
 her mailbox corn stalks are so beautiful...she tied in fall leaves, a burlap bow, and real pumpkins

grandma sherrill's birthday
 meanwhile at grandma sherrill's party
the kids were entertained by a game of simon says (thanks jill & julie for leading in this!)

 Grandma Sherrill is missing one tooth right now, butr we are fixing that soon!

 some of grandma's birthday gifts...4 new gowns!
 after games, the kids started to climb trees to entertain themselves

engagement pictures:
 and then i came home to take a few photos for my cousin amber and her fiance cory
their real photographer didn't work out so i volunteered to take some pics
i'm such an amateur, but i think they got a few good ones!
 photography does not come naturally to me
i wish it did
but, lighting, lenses, and focus doesn't make sense to me

sad funeral:
i woke up on friday morning to some really sad news
one of my brothers close friends from high school had died in his sleep
so we went to his funeral this week and it was so all funerals are

i've said one of my favorite high school memories was from my freshman year b/c eddie was a senior
so his friends were often at our house
and lucky me...his friends were cute, funny, and some football stars

this friend who died, scotty, was absolutely my first crush ever!
he was so good looking and had a good personality to boot
he was at our house a lot through high school days 
and would even come over to sit with me (a freshman) during high school pep rallies! ha!
i remember riding in his car (as an 8th grader probably) to a store or something and i just thought i would die!
he would join us on the lake in the summertime when we had a houseboat
he traveled with our family to ut football games (even though he as a roll tide fan)
he even had reconnected with me on facebook in the last year to tell me how cute molly is
and to tell me he was expecting a baby girl

he was just a lifetime friend to our family as so many of eddie and my high school and college friends are
each of friends from the past loved hanging out with us and our family
i'm so glad we have those memories 
he was 41 years old with a one year old daughter
the preachers were so good though, they told us for sure that he had deepened his faith in recent years and was most certainly in a better place!

and finally sickness...
i've been so sick for 2 months and i can't seem to get any better!
at the beginning of september i started to have this chronic cough
then my allergies went hay-wire and i was all stuffy and couldn't breathe
which went into a major sinus infection
blah, blah, blah

now, i've been tested for allergies (like 10 years ago) and am allergic to many things (cats, dogs, & everything outside)
so, i've taken zyrtec every day for many years and i've also used a nasal rinse daily
it usually keeps these kinds of illnesses at bay

but not this year!
i didn't go to the dr. at first b/c i wasn't running a fever and i thought i could get past it
then i went o our school district walk in clinic and was diagnosed with bronchitis
i got an inhaler and prescription strength cough syrup
after a better!
then i went to my reg. doctor
she gave me antibiotics, and steroids, 2 days off work, and a chest xray to check for pneumonia
the xray came back clear and she confirmed the bronchitis diagnosis and added a sinus infection
but, perhaps i had walking pneumonia in September before the xray??  who knows?

after a better!  (well actually maybe a teeny tiny bit better, but not much)
so went back to her yesterday
and she gave me a steroid shot, more antibiotics, more steroid pills, and 2 more days off work (today and tomorrow)
along with strict "rest" i'm trying my best to rest and get better this week and weekend
and let me tell you it is SO HARD!  

there is always so much to do at this time of the year
i could spend 3 days working in my yard right now...but i can't
i have so much to do at school and just had a student teacher start recently in my room, but i can't help it

i'm sitting beside a humidifier
taking my meds
drinking lots of water
doing my nasal rinse (so gross) 4-6 times a day
blowing my nose
and just trying to get better
it's so frustrating!!

so if you have any home remedies for this kind of stuff, please let me know!

on top of all of this craziness i dropped my cell phone in a large cup of diet coke yesterday
and now it's dead
it's ironic b/c i was just wanting to upgrade to a smart phone (like since last week when i got the ipad)
but, my eligibility to upgrade isn't until next summer

but, now there is no choice...
so i don't have a phone for a few days
if you call and wonder where i am
it will probably be monday before it's up and working!
just fyi...


Dan and Karen said...

PS Feel better, and I'm so sorry about your friend. I've been the wife in that situation. No fun.

Andrea said...

Praying for you,Amy- the days will get better!
Take care, Andrea

Andrea said...

Praying for you,Amy - the days will get better!
Take care,Andrea

Becky said...

The pictures were very nice. I am sorry about the sickness. This has to be the year for lingering illness'. Our pastor's wife and my boss both have had it.

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