Molly's Journey

Cao Xiao Tong
{soon to be}
Molly Dyeanne Maze
Date of Birth:  9/19/2008
Currently living in the Social Welfare Institute of Jiujiang City
Jiangxi Province, China

What we know about Molly:  
At 16 months old she was 29" tall and 24 pounds
She loves to sing when she walks!
She is happy and smiles at the familiar nannies at her orphanage
She sleeps well and doesn't cry before bedtime
She likes to look into the mirror :)

Her special need is a finger/toe deformity caused by Amniotic Band Syndrome which is a congenital disorder that occurs when fibrous bands of the amniotic sac become entangled around the developing baby.  The bands wrapped around her fingers and toes creating severe constrictions, similar to what happens when you wrap a rubber band around your arm or leg.  The exact cause of the syndrome is unknown.  ABS occurs in about 1 in every 10,000 births. 

Updated Pictures Taken around 2/25/2010

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