Sunday, January 25, 2015

dentist visits, play days, circus fun, and snow

it's been a great start to the year
we're blessed to be busy with many fun experiences

 here, molly had a little time playing with cousin madison
her favorite people for play time are her cousins!
 {i think she's eating ramen noodles}

 molly still plays with her horses...she rotates between them, dinosaurs, and stuffed animals
her go to toys at 6 years old
 she currently loves setting up "movies" and videos them
it's really cute!

 molly  had her 6 month check up this month and she had been looking forward to it since halloween...
 her dentist is so sweet and she was planning to prank her by sneakily putting in vampire teeth and when the dentist put her chair back, she opened wide to reveal her crazy teeth!
 it did work perfectly! she held the teeth in her hand until just the right moment, snuck them in, and then whala!  vampire teeth revealed!  aaahhh, the pranks of a 6 year old!

 we got the tiniest glimmer of snow this me we are so disapointed to not get a good snow fall this winter {so far}
but, we made the best of it early saturday morning and got some pics in before it melted!

i bought this little muff at a vintage furniture store
i've never seen them for sale anywhere and i love them!
 i had one when i was little that my granny made and i so wish i had it now!

 we finished the weekend with a great day at the circus
we've been to the barnum and bailey circus several times and it never disappoints!
parts of it get me so this lion/tiger show!
they are so gorgeous, but wow!  

 molly brought one white tiger we had from another year and we bought the mother/baby duo to match this year.  she said...look mom that is the mom to my tiger!  how could i resist the chance to reunite a mother and baby?

 we had a little pre-performance photo shoot

 i bought a new nikon d3300 from craigslist to replace my broken camera from before christmas 
it is a few steps up from my old camera and i love it!
still learning the functions, but it's great!

all in all it's been a great start to the new year!

looking ahead this week, we have the 100th day of school where molly will dress as "mr. magillicutty"...don't ask! ha!  pictures and explanation to come!

we also have a fun February coming up with a field trip, 5 year anniversary of seeing her face, valentines, chinese new year, and my 40th bday!!!!!!!  yikes!  
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