Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

We've had a fun weekend visiting family, eating, and swimming!  Molly is quickly getting acquainted to American holidays, family gatherings, and summer fun!! 
 Eddie loves sticks
Beautiful her t-shirt!!

Enjoying the swing and discovering flowers

Mama Maze and all of her grandchildren!  Right as I took this picture it started d to rain which is why Madison has a surprised look on her face!
Molly loved the rain!  She kept sticking her hands and arms into it.  She would have totally walked out and played in it if I had let her.
Today was overcast and cloudy which made for a really cool pool visit!  But, Molly loves water anytime, anyplace!
She played in this 'make shift' kid pool for the longest time.  
Lovin' the outdoors!
Chasing Eddie...these two are in fierce competition for anything the other has at the moment!
We had a little family music time and Eddie played the guitar...his favorite songs are Rocky Top and Hound Dog!!  A true Tennessean!
Molly added some drums!
It was a fun weekend and we look forward to many more this summer!  I hope you had a great holiday weekend as well.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

starting the holiday weekend

We are lucky that Ambre and Eddie's new neighborhood has a pool that we can visit anytime we want!  It opened this week and we all enjoyed an early afternoon swim today.  But, before we could swim we had to start the day with a healthy breakfast and morning snack...
Powdered donuts...she doesn't' really eat them, she smashes them everywhere.
 A bit of "work"...while Mom cleaned up breakfast she played with this notepad for  a while.  {Yes she does have plenty of toys, but it's the little things in life that amuse her!}
Aunt Ambre loves Molly!
 Ready to get in!
The whole gang!
 {Please ignore me in these photos!  bathing suit season is NOT my best look!!  I mean it, stop looking!!}
Loving the water!

"tea" with Madison
Ready to jump in!
 Swimming with Uncle Eddie
Snack time
Happy Memorial Day!
I always love a good "back shot"!
a great pb&j
Molly decided to join in!
She likes it...see her cute red checked shoes on the right side!  I can't help myself!!
She loved the whole day...water, playing with cousins, snacking, being outside!  The girl loves a fun time!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

fun firsts with molly

her first sucker from the bank drive thu
sometimes she "reads" while we commute
dressed up for friday night!
i love this little dress i bought at a consignment store...such a baby doll dress!
her first stride right do these tiny things cost $30???  funny how i was wearing $2 flip flops while i purchased these for molly!!  her current pair of white shoes has a pink buttefly on them and that just wouldn't coordinate with her memorial day/patriotic dress for sunday.  now...wonder what i will wear?
her first dinner at chilis...she likes it!

and finally a confession...this morning i let her further destroy our home in order to give me a moments peace to check my email.  this is what happened
the kitchen is her favorite place, specifically the cabinets!  they are not child proof {yet} and so she has free reign.  she was occupied for a while  with this cleaning brush, random other things in the cabinet, and tearing a couple kleenex into tiny pieces!
don't worry, i was sitting in direct view of her so she couldn't get into anything dangerous!  she really likes to play "clean".  she will clean the floors, tables, herself, anything!  it's so cute, but makes me wonder about what may have happened at the orphanage?  maybe she just saw people cleaning and was observant?  who knows.  

we are looking forward to a long holiday weekend and will be visiting her first pool which i think she will love.  she has an adorable holiday bathing suit and dress for sunday that i will post pictures of for you to enjoy!  i hope you all have a great holiday!
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