Friday, May 28, 2010

fun firsts with molly

her first sucker from the bank drive thu
sometimes she "reads" while we commute
dressed up for friday night!
i love this little dress i bought at a consignment store...such a baby doll dress!
her first stride right do these tiny things cost $30???  funny how i was wearing $2 flip flops while i purchased these for molly!!  her current pair of white shoes has a pink buttefly on them and that just wouldn't coordinate with her memorial day/patriotic dress for sunday.  now...wonder what i will wear?
her first dinner at chilis...she likes it!

and finally a confession...this morning i let her further destroy our home in order to give me a moments peace to check my email.  this is what happened
the kitchen is her favorite place, specifically the cabinets!  they are not child proof {yet} and so she has free reign.  she was occupied for a while  with this cleaning brush, random other things in the cabinet, and tearing a couple kleenex into tiny pieces!
don't worry, i was sitting in direct view of her so she couldn't get into anything dangerous!  she really likes to play "clean".  she will clean the floors, tables, herself, anything!  it's so cute, but makes me wonder about what may have happened at the orphanage?  maybe she just saw people cleaning and was observant?  who knows.  

we are looking forward to a long holiday weekend and will be visiting her first pool which i think she will love.  she has an adorable holiday bathing suit and dress for sunday that i will post pictures of for you to enjoy!  i hope you all have a great holiday!


Danielle Moss said...

She is perfect. Cute, funny, and she loves to clean!

If only "cleaning" didn't translate into making a mess. Haha.

Such a cutie!

Unknown said...

Be prepared -- it's about 500x more fun to buy things for your daughter than yourself. Yup, she will be way better dressed and coordinated than you are! Did you see the tiny shoes I bought for Lydia? Strange how something so small can cost so much $$. :)

Brittany said...

She is soooo cute!! Just looking at that little face, you couldn't help but give her everything!

Becky said...

Aha! Wait until she discovers how much fun it is to clean the toilet bowl!

Mrs. McAnally said...

Amazing what they enjoy as "fun"! Tough to leave them alone, but, Girl, you gotta pee and shower. HA!

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