Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Fever?

With warmer weather and spring in sight you may be thinking about buying fun outdoor play equipment like a wooden swing set for your little one to play on.  If so, consider shopping at CSN stores for a quick and easy shopping experience.  They have over 200 stores and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for.  I have several things on my shopping list for this spring, with that in mind I better get shopping...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Barney's Birthday Bash!

Saturday was a full day full of purple dinosaurs, love, and fun
In case you don't know who the big purple dinosaur is, I'm talking about Barney! 

Barney is Molly's favorite thing.  She carries a Barney stuffed animal around all the time and asks to watch Barney videos constantly.  Those are under severe restriction because, there is only so much of Barney anyone should watch!  ha!
However, I did splurge and buy tickets for her to see Barney Live and it was fun!
We went with my cousin Tiffany and her daughter, Kayla who is 6 months older than Molly.  They are so cute together and a lot of people thought they were twins when we were out today!  From a distance, with their dark hair and outfits the same color they did look similar.  They are about the same size too.  So cute!

It was a full day for sure, but we had a good time and the girls were both really well behaved!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grandma Sherrill

Grandma Sherrill fell in her home on Sunday and broke her hip:(
She is 89 years old and lives by herself
We were just beginning to have conversations with her about her next move 
trying to help her realize she needed to be in an Assisted Living Facility
even though she is fiercely independent and tries to be so strong.
She just wasn't safe living on her own anymore...and then she fell.
She was by herself and laid on the floor for a few hours before anyone found her.
It just so happens that mom, Molly, and I were out and about and wanted to stop in to visit with her.  
The house was locked up all around and we couldn't get in, but we could hear her yelling "help" and that she had fallen.  We don't have keys to her house (don't know why?) and had to call the police to break in the back door, then the ambulance came to take her to the hospital.  
She had surgery on Monday night and today she's in ICU.
She is struggling with waking up and being alert and therefore isn't eating much yet.  
She really needs to start eating so she'll have the energy to wake up and move around  bit. 
Tomorrow they are doing a CAT scan to make sure she didn't suffer from a stroke.  If she's not eating still, they may have to inset a feeding tube depending on her other stats.  
I just hate this for her, she's such an incredible person and I don't want to see her in pain.  
I just spent much of the day last Friday (a snow day for me!) with her visiting Assisted Living Facilities, getting our hair done, and cleaning her kitchen up from an "almost" fire she had the week before.
She was almost 100% warmed up to the idea of selling her house and moving.  
Then she fell.
That stinks!
Please pray for her.

Monday, February 14, 2011


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

snow day #117

well, not really i think it's #10
but with this winter i've lost track
it's been the most spectacular winter for snow days in the south!

today, i recruited the neighbors for all of the labor intensive work
like hauling molly and the sled up and down the hill
snowball making 101
lovin' our snow days!!

she doesn't look happy...but she loved it!

we're waiting to hear if we get another day tomorrow
 i think it will be the perfect way to end the week
and perhaps end this snowy season...
the forecast shows 60 degree sunny days in our future
so it may be time to pack away the sled and heavy winter clothes until next year
oh how time flies when you are having fun!!!

look what we can cut...

look what molly can cut 
with scissors
no, it's not hair
but just one pair of mom's drapes in the dining room!

see the slits?
here's another peek
i have no idea when she did this
the only time i've given her scissors has been when she is seated in her chair at the table
i always put them up when we are finished
i've never seen her get a pair on her own
but at some point she must have figured this out
she loves to sit in this window and play
and one day she sat there and said,"momma, we don't cut curtains"...
that is when i knew
she had definitely been cutting the curtains!
6 little perfect slits right along the side
she could tell i was mad
(inside i was laughing!!)
and she immediately said, "pants will fix it"!
"pants" is our neighbor across the street aka: lance
for some reason she always links him with fixing anything that is broken
it's really funny!
i'm sure i'll find more of these little demolitions in the years to come
i guess it's good that our home is filled with yard sale finds, goodwill items, and hand me downs
nothing that is valuable
my only treasure...
are these little eyes peaking back at me
oh, how i'm blessed!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Craft time with Molly

 This morning we spent some time making Valentines for all of her friends at daycare.
 She is a very intense crafter
 (yeah, please overlook the table.  it's on my 'to do' list to re-paint)

 Lovin' the die cuts!

 Yes, I opted for the homemade Valentines using items I had around the house already.  Let's face it, they will all end up in the trashcan within minutes of getting home!

 My Valentine...the cutest of them all!
 She had to put her autograph on them all too!
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