Sunday, February 20, 2011

Barney's Birthday Bash!

Saturday was a full day full of purple dinosaurs, love, and fun
In case you don't know who the big purple dinosaur is, I'm talking about Barney! 

Barney is Molly's favorite thing.  She carries a Barney stuffed animal around all the time and asks to watch Barney videos constantly.  Those are under severe restriction because, there is only so much of Barney anyone should watch!  ha!
However, I did splurge and buy tickets for her to see Barney Live and it was fun!
We went with my cousin Tiffany and her daughter, Kayla who is 6 months older than Molly.  They are so cute together and a lot of people thought they were twins when we were out today!  From a distance, with their dark hair and outfits the same color they did look similar.  They are about the same size too.  So cute!

It was a full day for sure, but we had a good time and the girls were both really well behaved!

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