Friday, August 26, 2011

what i'm reading...

i had a long list of books to read this summer 
and i'm over halfway finished
time just got away from me
but i wanted to give a quick critique before i forgot about them...
a stolen life, by jaycee dugard was the most disturbing book and the most inspiring book combined
i simply cannot imagine how she lived through what happened to her for 19 years
nor can i imagine what her mother endured
any amount of money she makes from telling her story will not be enough
any amount of money she gets from the police department who failed to go in her abductors backyard over 60 times will not be sufficient
she deserves every amount of happiness she can get out of her life from this moment on
i was sickened by her account of what happened to her 
and i was brought to tears at the end as she described calling her mom from the police station 
after 19 years of being apart
she's amazing!

i love tina fey!  i think she is so funny:)
this book made me laugh a lot
it had lots of colorful language and so if that bothers you i would not recommend it
i guess all comedians think you have to use bad language to be funny
but, her account of her life so far was really funny
an easy and fast read
this is one i'll go back to lots of times
this is a simple way to keep your life well...simple!
very basic, but good
ok, yeah don't laugh!  ha!
i'm not really a palin fan, but i don't hate them
i'm just curious about them
and i'm always curious as to how "good christian" girls fall for bad boys and end up pregnant by them!
she is young and has a lot to learn
about everything
but she does have he support of a big family
oh this little book is a real thought provoker
it brought me to tears
the accounts of this little boy about heaven are amazing
i believe it really happened to him
read it and tell me what you think!

who doesn't LOVE ree drummond?????
don't miss her cooking show on the food network premiering saturday morning, 10:30 CST
but seriously, i want her life!
i want to find my cowboy
live on a ranch
cook all day
and have lots of babies
the end!
this is great, i'm in the middle of this
i'll see the movie after i read it
i hear the movie is wonderful too
i'm in the middle of this too
it's everyday practical advice on mothering
very good
i'm just nosey and wanted to read more about her life
she has overcame a lot in her lifetime
(her parents died when she was a young adult and she raised her siblings)
then she went through a very public divorce
this is good, if you like her

of course i had to read this book
i don't think amy chua is half as bad as the media makes her seem
just a strong mom who doesn't fall prey to popular parenting pitfalls
i like her:)

that is all
i usually read the bulk of my books in the summer months
after school starts i'm usually reading teacher books, educational books, or children's books
but i will keep an eye out for books to add to my summer 2012 book list!

have you read any good books lately?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

eddie's birthday party

eddie's party was saturday
it was at a jump house which was so much fun for the kids

here you can see molly about to slide down
and she's sliding

of course, nobody slowed down enough to get individual pictures
we did try to get a group shot, minus my kid!
she wouldn't cooperate
imagine that!
and then we tried to get a picture of all the great grandkids for granny maze
but, again molly wouldn't cooperate
so amber had to hold her in it!
the 3 girls on the end are samantha, kelsie, and kayla
all three are my (2nd) cousins
and we are not all together very often
eddie's spiderman cake
with a little mishap to the side of it:(

4 years old!!

it was a fun party
can't believe he's 4 years old (or that molly is soon to turn 3)
time flies!

snowcones and the fair

i'm playing catch up 
as usual the beginning of the school year kicked my rear
it seems like it gets more demanding, more time consuming, and more stressful each year
you'd think after 14 years it would be less so
but, with the current state of public education
i think there will be many stressful years of work to come:(

but, we took a quick break before the year began to celebrate little eddie and ambre's bdays
they are both august babies, so we combined the parties and i cooked dinner for everyone
when all 3 kiddos get together it is pure madness
so i didn't get any pictures of the meal or presents
but, we ended the party with snowcones on the front porch

this weekend was the last chance to go to the wilson county fair
this is the best county fair in tennessee
so we tried to cram it in on friday night
along with everyone else, apparently

 the traffic was so bad getting there
that i wasn't so sure molly would be up to it
she was already so tired!
and me too!

 but once we got her hand stamped
and she met up with her fearless cousins
she got a burst of energy and excitement
 they loved the rides
but, really loved petting and feeding the animals
they were several little baby animals and they were so cute!
it was so crowed, it was difficult to get good pictures

we had a great time
and got home very late
but it was worth it!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

kissing summer goodbye

i'm addicted to bathing suits in her size
this is a ridiculous obsession
but, seriously, when you look this cute in a bathing suit how can i resist?
so here is to our collection of bathing suits for summer 2011

i'm officially kissing summer goodbye today
i'm in mourning all day...molly and i have stayed in our pj's and just hung out all day
so long lazy summer days
play time
story time
shopping time
painting and project time
how much i have enjoyed these 8 weeks!

i'm trying to gear myself up for what's to come
new kids, new parents
freshly sharpened pencils
crisp clean notebook paper
new administration
lots of new teachers
it's going to be a different year
and i think i'm almost ready
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