Sunday, August 21, 2011

snowcones and the fair

i'm playing catch up 
as usual the beginning of the school year kicked my rear
it seems like it gets more demanding, more time consuming, and more stressful each year
you'd think after 14 years it would be less so
but, with the current state of public education
i think there will be many stressful years of work to come:(

but, we took a quick break before the year began to celebrate little eddie and ambre's bdays
they are both august babies, so we combined the parties and i cooked dinner for everyone
when all 3 kiddos get together it is pure madness
so i didn't get any pictures of the meal or presents
but, we ended the party with snowcones on the front porch

this weekend was the last chance to go to the wilson county fair
this is the best county fair in tennessee
so we tried to cram it in on friday night
along with everyone else, apparently

 the traffic was so bad getting there
that i wasn't so sure molly would be up to it
she was already so tired!
and me too!

 but once we got her hand stamped
and she met up with her fearless cousins
she got a burst of energy and excitement
 they loved the rides
but, really loved petting and feeding the animals
they were several little baby animals and they were so cute!
it was so crowed, it was difficult to get good pictures

we had a great time
and got home very late
but it was worth it!

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