Tuesday, June 25, 2013

splash park

i'm nearly 1/2 through my summer vacation and i feel like i haven't accomplished a whole lot!
i did not start the summer with my typical "to do" list
but what we have accomplished are:

a weeks vacation at pigeon forge/dollywood/gatlinburg
2 weeks of swim practice
1 week of vbs
swimming & spash park fun
watching her new favorite movie "spirit" no less than 20 times
read the first 3 books in the magic tree house series
very little "school work"...working on her writing & coloring skills :(
lots of time pretending to be a horse, lion, or dog, or veterinarian
cleaned out the attic in preparation to move stuff up and get better organized
dentist & eye doctor appointments 
lots of interviews in preparation for a school change for both of us
almost daily naps :)...that is for me...molly doesn't sleep!! ha!

in looking back, i guess that list is not too shabby
and i do have 4 more weeks!!

yesterday we took a trip to our downtown splash park and it was so fun!

summer swim lessons

molly completed 2 weeks of swim lessons for her 2nd summer
she's a little fish in the water
she has no fear of the water at all
here are some pics of her days at swim lessons...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

summer fun...swimming and vbs

molly started her 2nd year of swim lessons and is doing great!
she's never had a fear of water and so i hope after these lessons she will be able to manuever in deep-er water (where she can't touch the ground)
i'll feel more confident
 i have some really cute summer outfits i've had for a while
this one is a cutie...with the back open
oh man, me and little girl clothes are a bad combination

 we had our vbs this week
it was molly's first time and my first time to teach in many many years
we had a good week!

 this little girl, miriam, is adopted from china
they were so cute together!

 my hydrangeas are blooming and are so pretty!

 molly's vbs teacher and classmates
 this is miriam's older sister lydia
lydia is from molly's province in china!  jiangxi province!
i loved that!  i taught lydia's age group and loved having her in my class!
 saturday night we went to have dinner at the spaghetti factory downtown and then to the children's theater to see the golden dragon acrobats and they were amazing!!
 finally, all the kids performed this morning in the worship service and it was so cute
i loved watching molly sing and sign all the songs
she loved the music part of vbs!

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