Tuesday, June 25, 2013

splash park

i'm nearly 1/2 through my summer vacation and i feel like i haven't accomplished a whole lot!
i did not start the summer with my typical "to do" list
but what we have accomplished are:

a weeks vacation at pigeon forge/dollywood/gatlinburg
2 weeks of swim practice
1 week of vbs
swimming & spash park fun
watching her new favorite movie "spirit" no less than 20 times
read the first 3 books in the magic tree house series
very little "school work"...working on her writing & coloring skills :(
lots of time pretending to be a horse, lion, or dog, or veterinarian
cleaned out the attic in preparation to move stuff up and get better organized
dentist & eye doctor appointments 
lots of interviews in preparation for a school change for both of us
almost daily naps :)...that is for me...molly doesn't sleep!! ha!

in looking back, i guess that list is not too shabby
and i do have 4 more weeks!!

yesterday we took a trip to our downtown splash park and it was so fun!

1 comment:

Shauna and MacLean said...

Love all the summer fun, we have our last day on Friday then nine weeks off can't wait! Looking forward to hear about all your fun and your school change are u excited? I can't even imagine I never want to leave my school!


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