Friday, February 22, 2008

Crime Stoppers

OK, yes this was the scene outside of my third grade classroom around 9:30 a.m. this morning! Interesting, huh? This is what went down...around 9:15 they announced we were under a "lock down" and so I locked my classroom door and went on with usual business. We have drills a few times a year and have had a couple 'real' potential problems. But, nothing really on campus like today. I noticed after a few minutes that I heard a helicopter circling our school and he kept getting closer and closer. I called another teacher's room and asked her if this was the 'real thing' and she said she thought so.
OK, my kids were diligently working on a reading assignment and I kept walking by the classroom windows looking at the helicopter. Then I see 3 young boys running around outside as if they are looking for a place to hide. They crawl under one of the portables you see in the picture. I totally freak out for a second! I mean, I'm seeing real criminals right outside my window! I call the secretary and tell her and she calls the police (who were already on campus or really close) they proceed to come around the the portable area and 2 of the guys come out. The police had very large gun aimed right at them. (I think at least one of the boys were armed too) The police were yelling at them "get down, get down" and my kids heard them. They were looking at me like, 'what's up?' Meanwhile the third boy is still hiding under a portable (the one on the side of the picture with the red door) and the police didn't see him for a moment. I call the secretary again and tell her where the third guy is. Finally they get him out too. They handcuffed them all and away they went.
You can read the whole story here.
Overall, it has been a very exciting day! My kids did very well with all of the commotion and we're all thankful that nobody was hurt in any way. Needless to say, I'm ready for the weekend!

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industrialpoppy said...

Yikes!! Glad that everything was all right-let's hope that the worst thing that happens this weekend is you run out of cream for a cup of tea!

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