Monday, February 18, 2008


Ok, I'm so happy with my new blog design and entering the blogging world in general. I have a lot to say, but I'll start with a thank you. Thank you so much to Danielle who designed this beautiful space for me to journal my life experiences! I just love it and if you know me I love pink, girly things so it really fits me perfectly.

I was motivated to start a blog for several reasons. The first one being all of the blogs posted to the side of the page which I frequent often. Orginally I was lead to blogs that had to do with adoption. One lead me to another and then you have a very unhealthy obsession of following along other people's life experiences. But hey, if they are posting it on the web I guess they don't mind me peeking into their life!

Another reason I wanted to start blogging was to chronicle my journey through the adoption process. I'll write more about that later, but I want and need documentation about what I've been through while I wait for my sweet Molly to join me.

Last, I was challenged at a recent Sunday School class to keep a prayer journal. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've started at least 20 of those in my life and have maybe about 5 entries in each one. Then I lose track, get lazy, and forget to keep it. So this is sort of my devotion/diary/prayer journal/what's going on in my life online diary. I really like the idea and will try to keep it current and maybe motivational on some days.

The title to my blog is a play on my name. Those of you who know me realize that. Nothing about me personally is amazing at all, however I've found when I step back and look at my life experiences it is an amazing thing. I've been richly blessed with much more than I deserve and I try to keep that at the forefront of my mind. I'll speak of those things now and then and always want to give credit where credit is due, thank you Jesus!

When I was in high school I made crafts, jewelry, misc. stuff to sell at my dad's drugstore. Everything was called a-'maze'-ing designs. Then when I first got my own email it was amazeingteacher@.... so the phrase kind of stuck with me. Well, I'm so happy you are with me! Welcome!


Blogs by Danielle said...

You are VERY welcome. I am so glad you love it, especially since I didn't use the two papers you mentioned. I am glad that I could help make over this special journal.

Blessings as you wait for Molly!!


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed! I am so old fashioned, only paper and pencil for me. :-) I kept a journal for Olivia while I waited, keeping track of all my thoughts, prayers and general "goings on" in my life. It is so sweet to look back on it and I hope she will treasure it one day too.

I am sure Molly wil love looking back at this too.

I look forward to keeping up to date with your journey.

My prayers are with you.


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