Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Madison

We had a great birthday party for Madison yesterday. It was at the Jump Zone near our house. It is a great place to have a party because you don't have to clean your house (before or after) and the kids loved it!

I started a birthday tradition for her last year where I purchase a bracelet charm for her of something that was significant for that year. When she turns 16 years old I will buy her the actual charm bracelet so she can start wearing it. This year I bought this charm since it was the year her brother was born and last year I bought her this one because one of the first things I bought when we learned Ambre was having a girl was some 'Mary Jane' socks that were so cute! I have compiled an album to write in each year and to keep the charms in until she turns 16. Of course now she doesn't understand what it means, but one day I hope she will appreciate it! I also bought her 3 dresses for spring and summer at TJ Maxx that were so cute and an outfit from the Tulip line at Gymboree complete with sunglasses, a purse, a bracelet, and hairbows of course. Now, I've really been under control and haven't bought her much in a long time. So I did go a little crazy with the dresses and outfit. But, it's just so much fun shopping for a cute little girl I couldn't help it!

My dilema now is to come up with something equally as nice to do for Baby Eddie each year for his birthday. Any suggestions? What would a boy appreciate when he's 16...besides a sports car. I can't do that!

Preparing for the birthday party was somewhat of it's own disaster for me. I showered and had hopes of getting ready early in plently of time. But as soon as I stepped out of the shower, the electricity went off. It was a beautiful sunshiny day here in Nashville so I wasn't sure what had happened. I wasted some time waiting for it to come back on and it didn't. So I brought my makeup and mirror into the den where it was bright enough with the sun to see. I put on my makeup and still no electiricity. I started to pick out my clothes for the iron! I had to find something that wasn't wrinkled. Now I was ready except for my hair. I have to have many things in order for my hair to look decent...first of all a hairdryer! What was I to do? I thought about going to my grandmother's or my brother's house but the thought of packing up all of my needed beauty supplies was too much and they live close to me. I thought they may not have electricity either, so I got my things and headed for the mall, I thought I'll just go to the salon and have someone do my hair.

As I was driving I notice all the stop lights are out...power outage all over! This is not good!! When I arrived at the mall they did have electricity for a moment, but the salon didn't have anyone who could do my hair. So I go through the mall and find one other little salon and pleaded for an appointment. Yes, they had an opening! I really hate trying new people to do my hair. I have gone to the same lady my entire life basically. I think she did my first haircut when I was 3 years old and I haven't wavered since. She knows my hair and does an excellent job. My hair is thick...I mean really thick! And it's short/layered. So you have to know what you are doing or you get lost in it. Despite me telling this little girl (she's probably 18 years old!) it had just been washed she takes me to the back of the salon and washes my hair. Ok, I thought whatever. She did massage my scalp until I wouldn't have cared if she had shaved me bald. As soon as she finished...the electricity went out! I'm thinking this is going to be a long day! 10 minutes pass and it come back on. She starts to blow it dry and you can tell she doesn't know what to do with all this hair. She had it going everywhere! I was getting worried. She finally did finish and it looked ok. The electricity went out once again but I was done! All of this and I still made it to the party on time with hair dry, makeup on, and clothes that weren't wrinkled. Wow, the ambition of a woman!

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