Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday morning I am thankful for the following things...

1. My Air Conditioning in my classroom is working!

2. A large cup of coffee just the way I like it to get me through the day...mixed with a little milk

3. Madison's 'Adventures with Amy' start this afternoon (more below)

4. Spring!

5. Time with family on Easter last weekend

6. A safe and enjoyable Spring Break Vacation with my favorite people...Madison and Baby Eddie (oh yeah, Eddie and Ambre too!)

Adventures with Amy...I decided a while ago that I needed some quality one on one time with Maddie each week. Especially now with baby brother around, she needs some quality time (now she still has 4 adults at her becking call so don't feel too bad for the kid!) So I thought after she turns two years old she would be old enough to venture out when I get home from school. So the plan today is to go to the public library for a library card and check out some books together. (She's going to be so tired of having an aunt that is a teacher!) I'll take my camera along and post some pictures each

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