Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Inner Circle

Everyone needs an inner circle. You know the kind of people you can turn to anytime you need to blow off steam, cry, ask a simple question, or just gab! My three girlfriends are the best! We met while teaching at a summer camp for teenagers in, 10 years ago! Now, it was TRULY a God thing that I even signed up to work this camp. I do not like camps, in fact I never liked to go to church camps as a preteen/teenager. I always chose to stay at home with my dad and let mom and Eddie go to camp. (Mom always went as a chaperone). Dad and I would enjoy the high life...going out to eat, shopping, etc. This was, btw, the only time I recall my dad going into a mall. With just us at home, he did what I wanted...what a guy!
Ok, back to the story...I also do not like to be away from home, I'm a homebody. For this camp (Centrifuge) I had to go away for 10 weeks. Lucky for me I only had to go about 3 hours from home. Another thing I don't like is dorms, we had to live in one for the entire summer. I don't really like sharing a bathroom, yep...we had to share a bathroom. But it was only with my roommate so I could tolerate it. I do not like 'trust games', we spent the summer doing these kind of games outside with the kids and among the staff. So basically I didn't like most aspects of the summer of 1998 EXCEPT I met the most amazing people ever! The entire staff was fabulous in my opinion and I'm not really sure why they hired me??????????? After that summer these three girls and I stayed in touch and have been best friends ever since. We've never all lived in the same state at the same time. And we're rarely all 4 together at the same time. But, when we are all 4 together, watch out! We will have a blast! Usually we are discussing our life situations, trials, challenges, victories, jobs, families, you know all the typical girl stuff. We've linked each of ourselves with a corresponding SATC girl. I've posted that below.
You already know from my previous post I'm most like I am writing with my laptop for one thing! I also have a shoe fetish, although I've never spent as much as Carrie does. I am often guilty of overspending my limit and maxing out my credit card in a single shopping trip (although I haven't done that in a really long time!)

This is Deb...she is most like Samantha. No, not because of that! But because she is super fun and is always the life of the party! She is a seductress, in fact we didn't spend a lot of time with her in 1998 because she met a guy...uuuummmm I think they were praying a lot, at least that is what they claimed!

This is Amber, she is most like Charlotte. She is wholesome and definitely a super good person. We don't even know why she likes to hang out with the rest of us??? She is the most conservative and traditional of the group.
This is Candace, she is most like Miranda. Of course, she has the red hair going on but she also is confidant and she is a workaholic! She always has about 4 different jobs/volunteer projects going on. She is not as cynical as Miranda's character is, but she is hilarious! She is the only one married in our group.


Candace said...

I love this post and I love you all. You are my nearest and dearest!

Nancy Hamilton said...

This is precious Amy Maze!!!! I hope you are well. Wish i were there to see SATC with you! :) Miss you, and all the others @ HHBC. Glad to see you've found another home that fits you friend!

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