Thursday, April 24, 2008

Six unimportant things about myself

I've been tagged by Jill to list six unimportant facts about myself.


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Six unimportant things about myself:

1. I have bungee jumped and piloted a small aircraft, but I've never ridden in a limousine.

2. I do not like any kind of pets.

3. I puffy heart Sylvester Stallone and all of the Rocky movies. I watch them every time they are on cable and I have the whole collection. Something about the underdog, Rocky Balboa always coming back from behind that really melts my butter!! And come on, he's such a nice guy!!!

4. I've lived in the same house for over 30 years.

5. I've attended the same church for my entire life...until last weekend. I joined a new church! yeah for me, I'm breaking from tradition!

6. I've always wished to be a married stay at home mom with 6 that I'm 33 and still haven't found "Mr. Right" I don't really see that happening. But as Meg Ryan said in "You've Got Mail"...There is the dream of someone else!!

I tag:

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Neotokimmo and Natalie too!

1 comment:

Jill said...

I completely understand #6. I'm also 33 and thought I would be married by now with kids, staying home. We'll just keep praying.

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