Friday, April 4, 2008

Thursdays with Maddie

This week we went on a field trip to the Pet store. Maddie enjoyed seeing a dog getting a 'haircut', she kept saying "That's sooooo funny!". She say many fish, cats, gerbils,and guinea pigs. This was a new store so they didn't have many animals yet. There were no birds out and I thought she would really have liked to see them, especially a talking parrot! After the pet store, we went to Super Target to get some animal stickers among other things. And then we were off to Chick Fil A for dinner.

Maddie amazed us all at dinner when she started to spell her name...she can get to M-A-D-I so far and I think that is incredible for a 2 year old! She is fascinated with letters and always 'pretends' to write different letters. She hold pencils and crayons correctly, not with a typical "fist hold", but using her fingers to grip it. And when she "writes", she writes lines and not squibbles. She can write the letter M. I have not forced this on her, so don't blame me! She is just naturally interested in this and has picked it up over time. I'm not a prominent of trying to make your child a genius and doing things that are not age or developmentally appropriate, but she's been picking this stuff up quickly on her own.

Enjoy the pictures of this week...

As you can see, it was a rainy afternoon. So we quickly got out in between the showers for our field trip. She LOVES her fingers!
She thought the gerbils were so funny!
Trying to 'touch' the fish.

Completely mesmerized by the amount of orange fish!

Time for a juice break after our stop at Super Target, holding onto our stickers!

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