Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Earthquake in China

Keep this terrible catastrophe in your prayers. My heart is heavy as this is the homeland of my daughter who may not even be born yet. Also, as I think of the many families in China experiencing overwhelming heartache at the loss of loved ones. My thoughts also go to adoptive families who may be in the country in the process of adopting now or families still at home waiting for travel. Just knowing your child may be in an uncertain situation is more than a parent can handle. So I encourage you to pray for all of these people directly affected and if you feel so lead, make a donation to Half The Sky a wonderful organization who has quickly stepped up and created an emergency relief fund for children affected by the terrible and tragic earthquake in China. The selfish side of me worries that this may be another hold up in my own adoption timeline as China takes time to clean up and regroup itself.

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