Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday with Maddie

I have skipped a few "Thursday with Maddie" field trips either because of rain or meetings I've had scheduled for the end of the year. So I caught up last night while mom and I kept the kids for Eddie and Ambre. I'll also have plenty of time with her this summer while I'm out of school!

As I was trying to take her picture and get her to smile for the camera, she said "Please....Amy", in other words stop taking my picture and drive!!!

I gave her the cutest little ladybug "purse" to keep her money in while we have to teach them early!

She loves rides of any kind!

She's a pro!
She picked out a green stroller, but of course wanted to get out frequently. But I didn't let her...I stayed firm! Remember the library incident?? I could just see her running all over the mall.
We were in Williams Sonoma, my favorite store! I was showing her all the 'cooking stuff'. She loves to cook with me and to watch Food Network in the afternoons. Her favorite is "Barefoot Contessa", mine too. When it comes on she always says 'black shirt' because Ina usually wears a black or dark blue button up shirt to cook in. Maddie always notices the colors of clothing.
Her favorite thing was this waterfall and flower bed outside of the mall. She would not turn around for pictures. They would have been so cute if you could see her face!

Friday night I had girls night with Madison! We went to the mall to ride the carousel (major fun!), I needed to go shopping for a few things, and we had supper at Chick fil A! She loves any individualized attention she can get, so as soon as I get home from school it's all about "Amy". She will even leave her 'snack' to the rest of the kids at daycare in order to come inside the house with me. She KNOWS she has me wrapped around her little finger! This summer will be so much fun, but I have to spend more time with Little Eddie too.

We went to the Disney store and Build a Bear while we were at the mall. Then we left and went to Baskin Robbins for chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and Dunkin Donuts for some 'munchkin' donuts for Saturday morning breakfast...healthy eating, right???

We came home around 8:00 p.m. and she was all ready for bed. Mom and I thought we'd try her in the guest room this time because neither of us wanted her to sleep with us (because you can't sleep with her tossing and turning). She went right to sleep and didn't wake up til morning! Baby Eddie didn't either. Ambre and Eddie had a date night and a full nights rest as well!

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