Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kid Update

Friday morning my brother and sister in law left on a 7 day Alaskan cruise and left Madison and Eddie with mom and me. We are having fun with the kids and the kids are doing great. I'm posting some pictures daily on my blog so they can check up on them while they are away. These are from Saturday, I'll try to post more later tonight. Hope you guys are having fun on the cruise!

Saturday morning, playing in the nursery. Maddie is taking away baby Eddie's toy.

Typical Maddie covering her head.

Riding the horsey.
We set up a pool area on Saturday morning for them to play. We had to put Eddie by himself because Madison was drowning him.
She loves water!

When I came home from the wedding, I brought my bouquet back for Maddie. She loved it. They had just come in from outside and so she was in the big T-Shirt. She does have 100 dresses at my house alone. But I never seem to get her picture in them.
Pretty flowers.
Madison posing for the camera.

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