Monday, June 16, 2008

Look how cute

Let me introduce you to my friends' new son, Shepherd Dang Keck. This is his referral picture which they got in January. He has a cleft lip/palate. You can follow his blog here.

Now they are in China and this is his "Gotcha Day" picture! How cute is he??? They didn't even know he already had some surgery in China. He may need more, they usually require several. But how cute, I just can't get enough of that cute little face!
Shepherd Dang Keck
DOB April 30, 2007
Gotcha Day June 16, 2008
Chad, Shepherd, and Candace

Happy Father's Day, Chad!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thank you SO much for sharing these pictures!! I was Candace's mentor mom in our M2M at church in Sarasota and we're thrilled for all of them.

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