Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Nursery is finished!

I finally completed the last official room on my 'to do' list. The nursery was put together for Molly, but Maddie came along around the same time as I started my paperchase and so she used it also. Now, Eddie uses it to nap in. Poor baby boy has to sleep in a totally girl nursery. We did buy some boy bed sheets so he wouldn't actually have to sleep on pink, lavender, and lace!
I fell in love with this baby doll dress bed set at Babies R Us. It's totally girly. I bought the wall art here which is the neatest little company. You can buy all kinds of things for your house and it really looks custom made, like someone painted it on your walls.

Changing table and picture board.

The picture on the wall behind the armoire says "Worth the Wait" true! I didn't realize what a wait it would be. Again, I've included Maddie's name with Molly here. I did leave Eddie out of this because the letters only came in girl colors. You can barely see the little Chinese doll in a basket. She is from the Corolle Baby Doll Company, her name is Calin Yang. A friend gave her to me and I love her!

Ready for Molly!

My favorite dolls to collect are Madame Alexander. These are my collection from my childhood. I have all of the Little Women dolls (Amy was my first doll ever) and I have Anne and Dianah from Anne of Green Gables. Those are my favorites. Also I have the bride, ballerina, Little Bo Peep, Miss America, and Scarlet. I continue the collection with Molly. Yes, I've purchased some things for Molly. I can't help it, I have a shopping problem! Every little girls needs a vast assortment of bows too, so she is on her way! Do you love the ladybug ballerina skirt? I bought it at the Poshtachio Patch in Smyrna, TN. If you live in Middle Tennessee, this is the cutest little children's boutique. I highly recommend it. She also has started a Consignment Room with really nice things! Check her out!
Now that these 3 rooms are finished (I also cleaned the carpet last night in the bedrooms and hallway, whew! what a job) my final big task is to begin unpeeling wallpaper from the foyer and hallway. It's going to be a very big job. I won't start it until next week though, but I hope to finish by the 4th!

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Jill said...

What a pretty room! I can't wait to see pictures of Molly in her new room.

I LOVE the dresses above the bed. SOOOO CUTE! The sign above the changing table "i am a dream come true" is so precious and so true. You did a great job. I bet that was fun!

Oh... the ladybug tutu is just too cute. I've never seen anything like it.

Do you know when you'll get your referral? I know from reading other blogs the wait is long right now. It breaks my heart. Maybe things will speed up after the olympics.

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