Monday, July 14, 2008

I may be rich...

Update: We have to do some paperwork that could take a while. So we won't actually find out what we have coming our way for a couple weeks. When we find out, I will post!

Did anyone watch Dateline NBC tonight? It had several stories of families who had money they didn't know they had. Over $30 billion of unclaimed property is sitting in state treasuries waiting to be returned to millions of Americans. You can go on Dateline's website and find a listing for your state's treasury website. You can go there and search your family's last name to see if you have any unclaimed property. Oddly enough, my mom's name is listed on our state's website. It could be $2.00 or $2 million dollars! I told her since I found the information I would have to get a percentage of the proceeds. So, if I get $1.00 I will immediately treat myself to a dipped cone at McDonald's...they're delicious! If there is more, I will spend it in the following manner...
pay off debt
new kitchen floor
new kitchen counters
wood floors through the whole house
new roof
new car
new windows throughout the house
VACATION...New York City and a tropical cruise
I'll let you all know what I find out tomorrow!!!
By the way...the home improvements are almost complete! It has taken both mom and myself 7 full days of non stop work, but the worst is behind us. I'll post pictures soon.


Jill said...

Good Luck! I hope y'all have some $$$ waiting for you. How exciting. I checked the site and I don't have any. :(

Danielle Moss said...

Well Amy, there's nothing for me, so I'll be waiting for some fantastic news from you!

If you need to take someone with you to New York, I'd be willing to make that sacrifice. ;)

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