Monday, August 25, 2008

18 months Paper Pregnant

I've been paper pregnant for approximately 545 days or 18 months..give or take a few days.

In case you have ever wondered...these are common gestation periods for animals:
elephant - 645 days
beaver - 122 days
domestic cat -61 days
domestic dog - 64 days
kangaroo - 42 days
horse - 336 days
mouse - 19 days
whale - 490 days
zebra - 365 days

So I've got every animal beat except the elephant and it looks like I will beat her out as well. I'm hopeful that adoption referrals will begin to increase now that the Olympics are over. There has been no official word on that yet, though. But hopefully I'm at least halfway through with my wait, it will be worth it though!

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