Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy First Birthday!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to! You would cry to if all these people were in your house and your sister took your new toys away from you!
There is nobody like mommy!

Today is sweet baby Eddie's first birthday! We had his party yesterday. It seemed like there were 100 kids in the house, but was more like 15 probably. They were everywhere! It was a football themed party (in case you couldn't tell by the decor and food!) We had 4 dozen balloons and when everyone left we went outside to let them all float to the moon. Madison loves balloons and so this was very fun! Eddie and Maddie just looked at all the orange and white balloons float away...we did keep a few for them to play with inside.

Those little sandwiches were on wheat rolls and I piped white cream cheese on the top to make them look like footballs.

The little baby is my cousin Kayla. She is soooo cute! Madison kept playing and kissing on her, I think she thought Kayla was a baby doll. She's going to have great hair! Look at those curls!
Since this is my life scrapbook of sorts, I'll take this moment to reminisce a bit about where I was one year ago today...I was somewhere between 'thank God I'm adopting and won't have to go through childbirth' and 'How will Ambre ever walk again'!!!!!! Ambre had been in labor for a long time, my mind is a little fuzzy, but something like 20+ hours and still no baby. It was a couple weeks before his actual due date so things were moving very slow. Madison was born by C-section and the plan was to have Eddie the regular way...

So Eddie and Ambre were at the hospital all day and I was planning on meeting them and video taping/photographing the big event. I was at the mall frantically trying to finish my back to school shopping before they called to say come now. I arrived at the hospital in the late afternoon and the fun began. Ambre was only dilated to like a 5 at this point (she'd been working on it all day, remember?) So we all settled in for a long night. Late in the evening things finally started progressing...but Ambre was really feeling VERY bad. She pushed and pushed and he did not want to enter the world. But, very early in the morning hours he finally was born. The doctor said his arm was bent around his shoulders making it very difficult to come through the birth canal. Did I mention at this point...I WAS IN TOTAL SHOCK??? Seeing a birth on TLC's A Baby Story is nothing like seeing a birth in person. We moved our attention to Baby Eddie, while it seemed poor Ambre had been literally torn in two! I kept looking over at her to make sure she was alive and I just wanted to cry for her. I think secretly I signed away my life to her and vowed anything she ever wanted in life I would always oblige...and I told Eddie he should do the same!

I came home like a zombie and immediately went into mom's bedroom (it was about 4am) and told her 'thank you for giving birth to two children'! Now I understood why she always says on our birthdays "I went through the valley of death to have you"...mothers literally do! And some choose to do it more than once! Amazing!

The next day, on 2 hours sleep, I had to go to a teacher workshop and I told all the teachers/mothers (in my sleep deprived state)..."you are all liars! nobody tells the truth about childbirth to other women". So women, take it from me...a voice of reason. Childbirth is a miracle, yes...a miracle you can ever walk again! There is nothing neat, clean, or easy about it. It's gruesome and gory, the only moment of sweetness is when you see that little baby come out...I guess that is why all of you mothers forget about the facts I've just written about! So Happy Birthday Eddie, and thanks Ambre for giving me the two best gifts of my life so far! A sweet little niece, Madison and an adorable little nephew, Eddie! If those kids wanted me to take them to the moon and back, I'd try to find a way!


Jill said...

Amy~ I love the little football sandwiches. That is such a cute, creative idea! Happy Birthday, Eddie.

I'm with you on the child birth thing. I doesn't look fun! :)

Danielle Moss said...

Awww. So cute. Happy bday little guy!

Has anyone ever told you you're the best aunt EVER!? Those kids are so lucky. And Molly is going to be one lucky girl to have such an aMAZEing mom ;)

Anonymous said...

Amy, You are the best and most flattering sis in law ever. you are awesome! love your blog, and love your honesty

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