Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My last day of freedom

I wish I could do this... Cancel Summer's ending. Wouldn't that be great? I'm really not ready to start teacher in service tomorrow. If it weren't for my handy summer checklist, I'd completely forget that I have been off for 10 weeks. It's gone by so fast!

I'm especially not ready to meet parents and children on Thursday night as we greet them to the new school year. It's so overwhelming...preparation, planning, cleaning, setting up, wheww! It's going to be a lot of work. It is an interesting thing to meet the parents at the start of the school year. Last year I met a mom who told me she was pregnant, working on her doctorate, on welfare, and separated from her husband...all in about the first 15 seconds of meeting her. She was an interesting case to work with. Funny...she never had that baby, I don't even know if she was really pregnant or not. I think she was an addict. Another year, I met parents who quizzed me on how smart I thought their kid was....uhhhhh I had only had him for 3 hours, it was a little hard to tell. But I can tell you how smart I think you are!

My all time favorite is parents who come in and tell me how horrible the teacher was from second grade. She was mean, too hard, too easy, she had a conflicting personality with their child....you hear it ALL! Here is what I think about children having conflicting personalities with me...I'm an adult, you are a child...children have to learn to get along with all types of personalities. We don't get to choose these things. I had an awesome assistant principal once who actually told a parent, "children don't get to decide who their personalities clash with, he has to learn to come in, obey, do his work, and behave". It's amazing the excuses we make for our children! But, the majority of the children will be sweet and prepared with their newly sharpened pencils and crisp white tennis shoes. Most of the parents will be nice and enjoyable. But if I have a story to share, you know I'll post it !

Now for a little news: Make sure you watch these shows about Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter, Maria. GOOD MORNING AMERICA will air a special interview with Robin Roberts from The Chapman’s home in Franklin on August 6th, followed by a live interview from Los Angeles on LARRY KING LIVE on August 7th, and an extensive feature in an upcoming issue of PEOPLE magazine. The decision to speak publicly was not an easy one, and these will be the first interviews the family has participated in since Maria’s death.

Finally for my last fun day of summer I'm going to get my eyebrows waxed (super fun!) and I'm going to the Frist Art Center in downtown Nashville to tour the Tiffany light exhibit and have lunch. I've wanted to go all summer, so today is my last day. I think it is going to be the hottest day of summer too...about 100 degrees!

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Jill said...

Oh goodness me... I would LOVE to see the Tiffany light exhibit. Did they let you take pictures?

Good luck going back to work. I know how hard it is. I always have a hard time going back after a vacation.

I tagged you on my blog.

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