Friday, August 1, 2008

My Summer is Over

My summer vacation is over. It's so sad to see the lazy days of summer come to an end and the busyness of fall begin. I had lofty goals for this summer and I did a pretty good job at completing them. This was my original summer to do list I posted on March 31st. I've updated it (because I love to see things crossed off in list format!!). Also, I added things in red that were not originally on the list.

Summer 2008 "to do" list:
May 26th – August 1st

· Peel off wallpaper from foyer and hallway
· Patch and Paint walls in foyer and hallway

Remove wallpaper from Kitchen and repaint kitchen

  • Repair leaky faucets and drains in both bathrooms
  • Vacation at the beach!
  • Attend a French Bistro Cooking Class
  • Enjoyed a stay-cation in Nashville!
    · Scrape popcorn ceiling off my bedroom
    · Repaint ceiling in my room
    · Add crown molding to my bedroom
    · Replace fan/light in my bedroom
    · Organize closet space in hall closet, coat closet, foyer closet, and guest room closet

    · Figure out office space dilemma
    · Purchase a quality digital camera and learn how to use it

    · Learn how to digital scrapbook
    · Organize all my digital pictures
    · Begin the process of researching our family tree
    , sort of…
    · Exercise consistently
    · Spend quality time with Madison and Eddie
    · Begin redoing all adoption paperwork that has expired
    · Scrapbook Baby Eddie's last 6 months

  • Made a movie for Eddie's first birthday party using Windows Movie Maker
    · Read all books on my nightstand (completely!)
    I only read a couple…

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Jill said...

Amy~ Oh my... you have accomplished A LOT this summer. I feel bad now, I haven't done much. :) I feel so lazy when it's hot outside.

I'm with you on the list thing... I love seeing things marked off my list. Just like you... I'll add things that weren't on the list that I've done and mark them out. :) It makes me feel good!!

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