Saturday, August 23, 2008

School Update

I've finished two weeks of school now and am now back on a routine and schedule like regular working people. But, oh how I miss my lazy days of summer they went by so quickly. I have 22 lovely friends this year who I have really enjoyed getting to know. For the most part they are sweet, funny, and smart. I have some really nice parents who are able to help when needed. You know, it's funny... when you have a class you really enjoy being with for 7 1/2 hours a day you actually are inspired to do more fun things with them. I'm planning some fun activities for them this week as we begin our rocks and minerals unit in Science. I'll try to post some pictures. I'm incorporating some cooking activities for random holidays and interesting events such as last week was the anniversary of the 'invention" of lemonade...

Lemonade was invented in Paris in 1630 when sugar imported from the French West Indies dropped in price. Despite its Parisian roots, lemonade in Europe is quite different nowadays – it's carbonated.

So we're making a large pitcher of lemonade to enjoy because it's still very hot here and the kids love learning these random things. Also, I always bring a large plastic clear bottle of ice water to school each day and it has a slice of lemon or lime in it. My kids have noticed that and asked me about it last week. One little boy asked "where do you buy the lemons?" sad! He'd actually never heard of putting fresh fruit in drinks and certainly didn't know where to buy lemons! So I'm buying some super fine sugar, lemons, water, and a large pitcher to make our special treat this week. I have lots of other ideas for this year, but I need to buy a counter top toaster oven to make some of our future concoctions.

If you are interested in searching for other random holidays you can search

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Jill said...

Lemonade Day... FUN. You are so creative!

I love the "Random Holiday" site you attached to this post. Very interesting. My sister told me once there was a National Corn Dog day. :)

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