Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ice Cream, Apples, and Homecoming

If you've never read this book: Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert, it's great for fall! Get it!
You probably didn't know, but this week was the birthday of the ice cream cone! So, we had to celebrate with a little treat!

Yesterday was Johnny Appleseed Day, but I left my camera at home:( All of my kids brought in apples and we measured the circumference, graphed them, sorted them, cored, peeled, and sliced them, and then of course we ate them! They always love Apple Day...even in third grade!

Last night I went to my High School Homecoming Football game with Eddie, Ambre, and the kids. It was fun, but so strange to be back at High School (actually, for me it was grades 3-12). It's amazing how it is your WORLD as a teenager and then how quickly your world view changes (thank God!) as you mature. I noticed the teenagers walking around the game in their huddles texting, talking, and laughing. Each group had a leader and all of their 'croanies' followed suit. So funny!!

They had a nice reception for the alumni at half time and I saw a few people from my graduating class (1993) and other people I knew. I'll try to post some pics later, I didn't take my camera but Ambre did. Madison really enjoyed it and actually cried really loud when we had to leave at 9pm and the game was still going on. What can I say, she loves a good party!!


Jill said...

Yay, Class of '93. :)

Angie said...

Add another yeah! 93 was my year too!
I saw your comment on my blog and came to visit you! We have got to get together! We have so very much in common! I can't wait to read more of your story.


Danielle Moss said...

Looks like fun!!

CC said...

This is kinda scary. I'm class of 93 as well!

I got to your blog from danielle (she did a great job!). I'm an adoptive mommy (Korea) and a public school teacher (technically Speech Pathologist, but really I'm just one of the teachers...) too!

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