Thursday, October 30, 2008

Givevawy FUN!

I love prizes and giveaways!!!

Today I entered this great giveaway to win a pearl necklace from China. Jill recently got back from a mission trip to China where she bought the pearl necklace (I think she bought many!) from the Pearl market. I can't wait to go to China and do some great shopping!

Also, I entered this giveaway and actually won a blog makeover! I'll use the makeover to have Danielle re-design my blog from fall to Christmas!! So, make sure you check in after Thanksgiving to see my new look! Danielle is having another great giveaway to win some handmade Christmas cards. So go ahead and enter and maybe you'll win!

Also, don't forget about this giveawy to help bring home Owen!

So many giveaways out there maybe I should have one too? I'll have to think about something really good for all of you loyal readers!!

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