Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Tradition #5

Christmas Tradition #5

One thing that I have consistently done every year for about 12 years is to write a Christmas letter telling friends and family members about my year. I started this because I would receive letters from friends and families that I enjoyed so much. Each year I would look forward to hearing what they had been up to. When I began my 'Christmas Letters' I was still in college. I've compiled each letter into a scrapbook and it's so interesting to look back on my letters from years past to see what God has taught me or how he's brought me through a situation. I also usually mail a picture with the letter. In years past it would be a picture of me and my class at school, now it is usually a picture of me with Maddie and Eddie of course! I'm working on my letter for this year right now! I better get busy writing...

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Danielle Moss said...

I love this tradition! So glad you're sharing all these Christmas traditions. :)

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend.


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