Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Madison Goes to School!

Almost every morning when I leave for school Madison and Eddie are already here at daycare. When I leave Madison has started asking me if she can go to school with me. (She's fascinated with school, 'big kids', and learning and she went with me this summer to work in my classroom) I told her I would take her during this last week of school before Christmas. It worked out perfect because we had our Christmas musical performance and band performance one morning this week. She was all ready for it and LOVED it! I, of course, was super excited to show her off to all of my colleagues.

She was completely amazed at the structure and routine of school. She was watching all of the students and noticing when a teacher or principal reprimanded someone. She even sang along with the chorus on the songs she knew. After the concert we went back to my room for a while and she wanted to sit at a desk like the students. She sat down and said "What are we going to eat?" It was so cute! She decided she would rather eat lunch at daycare (Mama Maze's food) versus the school cafeteria! (Smart choice!) I took her home during my planning time. When any teacher asked her "How old are you?" she said "three"...(she'll be three in March" and "What do you want Santa to bring you?" she said "a football"!!! It was adorable!

Next year I'll have two to wrangle because Eddie will not let me take Madison without him anymore. He has gotten so cute (is it possible to get cuter each day??) Every afternoon when I get home Madison almost always comes inside the house with me, now he throws a fit unless he is inside with me also. I love it of course, but they wear me out in those 1-2 hours in the afternoon.

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