Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Christmas Family Gatherings

I forgot to post pictures of our family Christmas at my Aunt Faye's house. We always have a good time together! Unfortunately I did not get many good pictures of people together. There was too much going on...

Eddie and Maddie playing Wii

This is a very close friend of the Granny kept her father when he was a baby and my Aunt Faye treats him as her own son! He had twins (a girl and a boy) and named his daughter here Elonia after my cousin (Faye's daughter) who died 2 years ago. Her twin brother is named London and I could not get a picture of both of them looking at me. They are very cute!

My cousin Kelsie showing the monogrammed apron we bought her.

Kelsie's parents Tiffany (my first cousin) and Fortino and their other daughter Kayla.

Baby cute!

Is it just me or do you take pictures of food too? It was all just too beautiful to forget!

Faye's beautiful decorations!

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Jill said...

Great pictures. I take pictures of food too! It's just so pretty and yummy.

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