Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Year LID Anniversary!

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Today marks my two year anniversary of my log in date for Molly. Oh my how time flies and yet it seems to crawl by at the same time. I'm trying to stay focused on what I can do to prepare and plan for the sweet day when Molly will be here. I know it will happen and I know God has purposed this wait for me for a grow me as a person and as a Christian, to show me anything worth having is worth waiting for, and to show me he is in control of EVERYTHING in my life.

Today I'm praying for the orphanage or foster parents who will raise my daughter during the first days, months, or possibly years of her life. I'm praying for loving care, gentleness, provisions, and patience for them. I'm praying for the CCAA and Government of China; for them to have softened hearts on the behalf of all of the orphans in their country. That they won't see it as a money making opportunity or a numbers game. And with those softened hearts they will allow more babies to be able to be with their forever families this year. I'm praying for change and improvements in International Adoptions all over the world. I'm praying for more countries to become single friendly and allow single parents to adopt. And finally, for all of the orphans in the world today...may somebody reach out to them and show them the love security that only Jesus Christ can provide for them.


Unknown said...

thanks so much for allowing part of your story to be in the AWAA blog for waiting families. we recently "celebrated" our second anniversary too and I'm inspired by the way you are choosing to do this well. it is my desire too, but it means a lot coming from someone who actually "gets it." we said "crappy anniversary" to each other that day because that is what it felt like, but there are many more days that are "happy" instead. I'm glad yours is a good one.
hang in there!
wendy harrop

Judi said...

Congratulations on your two year anniversary; you are two years closer to your little one! We are also with AWAA and enjoyed reading your post on the AWAA blog. Our log in date is 11-22-06, so we have waited 27 months so far and are just trusting God with the timing. I am also a public school teacher, teaching first grade.

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