Saturday, February 7, 2009

We're Learning...

"The great thing about having an aunt who is also a teacher is that she is always trying to have school with us...regardless of how young we are!"

Eddie and Maddie love to get on my laptop. Here we are on Starfall which is a great website for young learners. Madison is going to be disappointed on her birthday (3/3) when she opens my gift...a child's version of a laptop with things more appropriate for her. She's going to be like..."where's the Internet, Amy?"

But it is interesting watching kids at this age learn and develop. I'm so used to 8 and 9 year olds that I've enjoyed watching Madison and Eddie develop. I'm looking and reading into what is age appropriate at these ages (1 and 3) to see where they should be. This summer Little Eddie is going to be a part of my own version of The Intensive Institute of Speech and Language Development and Madison is going to be a part of my own version of Boot Camp and Obedience School!!

This is a great part about being an aunt, I can try things out on these two guinea pigs and actually get it all right with Molly!!!!!! Just kidding. Neither Eddie or Madison really need to enter summer camp yet, they are totally right on target (or ahead) with their ages.

But Eddie does need a little more one on one with speech and vocabulary because:
a. he's a boy
b. he had ear infections and other milk allergy related illnesses his first year of life
c. he is the second child/grandchild and didn't receive the fanfare of the first

and Madison does need work on being obedient because:
a. she is a toddler
b. she is stubborn and smart...a bad combination
c. she was the first child and had 4 adults at her beckon call for 18 months

I'm thinking of their futures here! I don't want opportunity to pass them by because they are've got to step it up kids! (this is what I told my third graders this week and they looked at me with blank stares!)

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