Sunday, March 22, 2009

a few of my spring finds...

I'm trying to prepare for my first day back to school tomorrow by vegging in front of the TV, relaxing and blogging! (and these are a few of my favorite things!). I've been watching Lifetime movies all afternoon and now am watching one of my favorite movies...The Holiday on TBS.
I had a couple good and productive days of shopping for spring items this weekend...

I have brown, tan, and melon colored spring jackets to coordinate with this skirt. I wish my legs were this cute in it!!!

Yellow isn't my best color, however it seems to be everywhere this spring. So I'm incorporating some shades of yellow into my wardrobe. I also bought a clutch this color. I have a really cute navy and white wrap dress that I'm going to pair with these yellow shoes also.

I was in desperate need of sheets and these by Martha Stewart @ Macy's are really soft! I bought the yellow ones for spring and summer.

This black and white polka dot shirt looks cute on and I have some spring/summer white slacks to wear with it.

And finally, a new pair of flip flops. These are from Belk's and are super comfy!

What are you looking forward to wearing or buying this spring?


Jill said...

Oooo... cute stuff. I'll have to check out the Martha sheets at Macy's. I need new sheets but I've been too cheap to actually buy any.

Tricia Thompson said...

Cute clothes Amy! I love that skirt! Next time you purchase sheets, splurge on yourself and get some 500 or 600 count. You will NEVER go back - they are so soft.

How is your grandmother doing? Is school going okay this week after spring break? Take care,

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