Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Stuff

It was a boring weekend because honestly I didn't want to get dressed and be out in public! I just wanted to veg in front of the computer or TV all weekend. I have been slightly obsessed with buying a house because of the low interest rates and the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers. there are a couple really cute houses I'm interested in, but they are a bit out of my budget. So I decided to stop looking until the fall and save up some more money. Then hopefully I can find something I like with a good down payment. We'll see how it goes, but it is exciting to think about!

Saturday night we had some bad weather come through...storms and tornadoes. When it passed over I decided to go to the mall for a bit of window shopping and exercise. On the way there, about 3 miles from my home I saw a little boy in the street and he waved me over saying "Hey, stop, stop can you take me to Uncle Frank?". He was 4 years old and had really good communication skills. There was no adult outside and no cars passing by. He opened the passenger side door and got inside my car and kept asking me to take him to "Uncle Frank". I pulled over at the nearest parking lot and called the police. He lived in some nearby apartments but didn't ask to go back there. So I wasn't sure if anybody was at his home or if he was trying to run away from something or what. It was so weird! The police sent a patrol car to us but before they got there his parents came to get him. They had called the police and reported him missing and the police told them where I was (right beside the apartments). They were hysterical, but so polite and thankful that he was ok. They said his uncle had just left with his two brothers and he ran out of the apartment trying to catch him I guess. The parents thought he was with the uncle and the uncle had no idea. So needless to say little Maxwell made it an interesting weekend for me!!

Children can run off from brother and I both walked away from our home (at different times) when we were toddlers. Thanks to some good citizens they brought us back home before mom ever knew we were missing. Mom says it scares her to think of it even today! So I'm just thankful that Maxwell is with his family and is safe and sound.


Danielle Moss said...

I am so glad that little Maxwell is safe, and that you are the person he ran in to!

caryn said...

What a blessing he got into your car and not some crazy's car!

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