Friday, April 3, 2009

Fun Day!

I took the day off today for a "me" day! I got a hair cut and hi-lite for spring/summer. I always go 'blonder' for the warm weather and a bit more 'gold/honey' for fall and winter. Then, I headed downtown for our annual Southern Women's Show. It's such fun and this year I got to hear one of my favorite Reality TV show moms:

She is so cute and very tiny in person. I wanted to ask her how she kept her skin in great shape and keep a tan while living in Pennsylvania but they ran out of time. While there I spent $20 on an Ionic Cell Cleansing Foot Soak...have you ever done this? It's probably a scam but looked so intriguing I had to try it. Supposedly it draws out toxins from your feet to cleanse and detox the body but I'm not so sure. The water starts clean and then turns really gross! The residue tells you what is wrong with your body...supposedly! So according my results I have urinary toxins, joint toxins, gallbladder toxins, allergy by-product, cholesterol, and candida. I was more interested in what I can do to help prevent these things but I think the answer is drink more water, eat right, and exercise more! Who knew?

Tomorrow I'm off to an Easter Egg Hunt with Eddie and Maddie. Should be fun! I'll post pictures!!

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The Daily Bee said...

I am a huge Kate fan! Huge! Easter egg season has started. Have fun!

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