Friday, May 8, 2009

Danielle, over at Well, That's just Fabulous is hosting Fabulous Friday and this Fridays edition is Not So Smart things you have done when baking. When I read her mistake I had one of my kitchen bloopers immediately come to mind, so I thought I would share to hopefully prevent future kitchen mishaps in your home!

I love to make Chili in the fall and to try out different Chili recipes. Once I wanted to try this really yummy sounding recipe that called for 3 canned chilis in adobo sauce and I mistakenly read 3 cans of chilis in adobo sauce. Well, you can imagine the reaction my mom gave me when she took the first bite! It was sooo incredibly hot, it was terrible!

Lesson the recipe and ingredient list very carefully!!

1 comment:

Danielle Moss said...

Ohhh. That must have been HOT! Thanks for playing along ;)

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