Friday, June 19, 2009

Too Bad...

we have to work for a living! Otherwise I'd live by the ocean and cruise as much as possible! Mom and I had a great cruise vacation! Here are some of our memories...

The sunsets were so beautiful, this was the last night.

I took an Authentic Mexican Cuisine class in Cozumel, but it wasn't that much of a learning experience:( They didn't teach any real techniques to cooking Mexican food. They already had everything chopped and prepared so all we did was put it in a pan and cook it. I was a little disappointed actually b/c I wanted to learn how to make real tortillas, guacamole, salsa, and taste different kinds of tequilas, etc. We did take one shot of tequila in the class, but it was from a Jose Cuervo bottle...not exactly "authentically Mexican"! I'm not a hard liquor drinker and I've never taken a shot, but I know there are different strengths of tequila and Mexican wines out there they use for cooking/drinking and I just wanted to learn about it.

Of course in Cozumel there was silver jewelry everywhere! Who needs it?

Just Beautiful Blue Water!

The Enchantment of the Seas

A little champagne?

We took a nap everyday before dinner!

Our luggage was a story...How can two women pack 7 bags for a 5 day vacation???? To say we over packed is an understatement! We packed way too many clothes and too few bathing suits! If you ever go on a cruise you need several bathing suits and cover ups so you always have a dry one ready when you want to use it. We had to pay $50 when we left Nashville b/c they only let you check in 2 bags each. I didn't know that. We didn't want the hassle of rearranging bags in the airport (that's so embarrassing) so we just paid the money and went on. Lesson learned!

My favorite...poolside bars!

Again, at sunset
We sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl and stopped in the Grand Cayman Islands and then Cozumel before we went home. At the Grand Cayman we went snorkeling but it wasn't that great of an experience either:( It was beginning to rain and so the water was really choppy. I've been snorkeling before and had one great experience ( at the Caymans) where the water was really shallow and clear. The fish were everywhere in every color you could imagine. I also snorkeled in the Bahamas in a similar situation as this was...very deep and choppy water. We just couldn't see any fish at all. Then it started raining very hard and we were so cold. It was just a hard afternoon. But when we got back on board the ship the staff was waiting with warm towels to greet us and it was all fine again! Mom and I decided the excursions were overrated and the ship was the place to be!
Now, I'm unpacking, washing clothes, and trying to get organized again. I was up so late last night catching up on all of my fave blogs! I was computer free for a week and I have to say it was nice, but I'm glad to be home with my laptop again to catch up on everything. I hope you are all enjoying your summer!


Jill said...

I'm glad you had a great vacay. The water is SO blue and a nap everyday sounds fabulous.

Danielle Moss said...

Such great photos. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. :)

You definitely deserve it.

caryn said...

Glad you had a good time. I too find the excursions overrated.

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