Wednesday, July 29, 2009

how do you like my new look?

Danielle has done another fantastic job on my new look here. she generously offered to use one of her new premade templates on my blog. i loved this one from the first moment i saw it. something about little birds, pink, and green that just seems so charming to me. of course her other premades are equally as nice and you can customize them in any many color choices. so if you are in need of a new look you should pop on over to her site and do some shopping! She's very easy to work with and very affordable too.

I've been enjoying this final full week at home before in service and room prep begins at school:( If you've been working on "home prep" all summer like I have, you are not too enthusiastic about setting up a classroom. but, it has to be done. I spent all day Monday at my house in my pj's!!!! The first day of the summer I've been able to do that. It was great! I did some cleaning and a lot of paperwork/bill paying and ended the day with a bubble bath. It felt really great to be in my own home! Tuesday I helped at the daycare while mom went to some Dr. visits and today I took Grandma to the dentist. I also went by Home Depot to buy a new microwave that will be installed on Friday! This is good news! I'm ready to have my second white appliance in the kitchen...only two more to go (stove and dishwasher).

The house is really coming together nicely. I think I'm going to really like it here!!

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The Nashville Nosher said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've been doing home prep all summer as well and I so do not want to do classroom prep :( RIP summer vacation.

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