Wednesday, July 1, 2009


In one week I will be a home owner...kind of scary! I am super excited about next week and cannot wait for it to all be official!

The bank that owns it went ahead and did the repair on the duct work (it all had to be replaced) and the work on the chimney. So the big stuff is complete. I will have some little stuff to do over the next month or so.

Now, for all of you prayer warriors out there...please pray for this precious 17 month old who is undergoing his second brain operation today to remove a tumor that is cancer. He had this same operation about a month ago and the tumor has already grown back. His name is Ian Miller and he is at St. Judes. These are specific requests from his mom to pray for today:

Pray for Dr. Boop, Ian's surgeon. Pray that God will guide his hands as he removes this tumor with precision. Ask God to give him the wisdom, experience, and keen eyesight that will help him determine the border between this tumor and Ian's brain so he's able to remove every single speck of tumor without damaging Ian's brain.

Pray that God will sustain Ian's body and functions while his brain is exposed and he is under anesthesia. Pray that God will protect his brain from stroke, seizures, excessive blood loss, and any kind of damage to the rest of his body. Pray that Ian will have no short- or long-term effects from this surgery and that he will bounce back quickly to the level of development he should be at for his age.

Pray that God will protect his motor skills, eyesight, memory, decision-making skills, his sweet little personality, and any other functions from harm, as these are areas close to where the tumor has grown.

Pray that God will protect his throat, vocal cords, and teeth while he is intubated during surgery.

Pray that they will be able to test his spinal fluid soon and confirm that the cancer has NOT spread there.

Pray that his inter-cranial pressure will be stabilized during and from here on after surgery so he will not develop fluid buildup and need a shunt.

Pray that our sweet baby will wake up soon after surgery and we'll be able to talk to him and comfort him and help him begin his recovery process . . . again.

Also, please pray for a sweet little baby girl who's 8 months old who has two tumors that are the same type as Ian's. She will have surgery right before Ian to get a shunt, and they are going to try to shrink her tumor with chemo before they have a resection because her tumor is in a very tricky area. Her parents are very sweet and I know they would appreciate the extra prayers.

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The Nashville Nosher said...

So happy for you and your house! And I will pray for this sweet one.

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