Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coincidence or God wink?

I've had some amazing moments of confirmation in my life assuring myself that I was on the right path at any given time. For instance when I graduated from college and needed a teaching job a close friend at church knew a local elementary principal and put in a good word for me. I LOVED teaching at that school during my first three years of my career. Such a good thing, a coincidence, a God wink, a confirmation that I was on the right path in life!

Then again, when I wanted to get into my current school my mom had a friend who knew the principal and put in another "good word" for me! I cannot tell you how much I love, respect, and admire my principal! He is an awesome person. Another God wink in my life! (fyi...I have gotten jobs without a friendly phone call...but it helps to have an "in" sometimes too!)

Then, when I decided to pursue adoption as a single parent I was SURE I should get the paperwork in to my agency in 2006 but knew I was not ready to financially cover everything. I had just turned 30, the age of "acceptance" in the adoption community. I had prayed about adoption for years and always said...if I'm still single at 30... So I felt God leading me to go forward with it in faith and let him deal with the rest even though I couldn't understand his timing. Later that year we heard that China would no longer be accepting applications from singles, but I was already "in". Coincidence, God wink, or confirmation that I was on the right path?!

After my "log in date" with China I began to journey down this hurry up and wait train called adoption...some days are smoother than others, but God continually sends things my way to confirm I'm going to be ok. I was shopping one day and overheard a woman speak of adoption. I introduced myself and we discovered we were both single, adoptive, teacher moms and had chosen very similar names for our daughters...(Holly H. and Molly M.) because since we were both teachers we both had this odd thing about the first letters of their first name and last name matching. I can't explain why, but it's just my thing...evidently hers to!

When I've been reaquainted with old friends from the past, or someone calls or emails right when I was thinking about them...God winks!

When I moved into my (new) house my sweet neighbors gave me a book called When God Winks
and it's about things in life NOT being just coincidence but being little signs that God is looking down on us and "winking" as if to say stay the course, good job, you are in the right direction. Inside the book my neighbors wrote..."Amy, you are our God wink! welcome to the neighborhood". Wow! Talk about confirmation! I read that on one of the first days after my remember when I was crying for 2 days straights and an emotional wreck! I read a few pages of the book and could actually breathe a little easier. God was winking at me!

I've had a few people wink at me in my lifetime. My dad and grandpa probably winked at me the most in my life. Little Eddie has learned to wink (sort of) and it absolutely cracks me up! But, I've had a few winks from other guys too...yes, real guys that are not related to me! Heartfelt winks tend to make a girls heart go pitter pat! Guys (if there are any guys reading my blog...) wink at the woman in your life and see where it gets you! I'm telling you it's a great feeling to have someone wink at you for the right reasons! But to think that God, in all his glory would care about even me enough to wink at me is amazing! Even when I do wrong on a daily basis and when I stray away from his word, he is faithful and just to never give up on me! He is an amazing God and I'm so glad I serve him.

Tonight mom and I attended an adoption gala/benefit for my agency. It was a great night of worship as we listened to contemporary Christian artist Britt Nicole and heard several adoptive parents speak. Again I felt confirmation, a God wink, assurance that I'm on the right path. Thank you, Jesus!

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3 Peanuts said...

This is a beautiful post..I need to look for more God winks in my life:) I am glad HE takes the time to wink at us!

Thank you for your sweet comment regarding Kate's hair. I am pretty it cheered me up:)

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